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  2. 90 this morning.
  3. The start of another running season! Oficially start Jan 6 with the hot chocolate,run) bur last season was so bad with injuries and travel I needed to start a bit early. Today is sponsered the UCSF Diabeties Research Center. It will be a small group and very young. Including kids; (. Good cause, but I will probably just introduce myself and then go and my normal run.
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  5. 126 this morning (2 readings, both the same).
  6. 94. I beat you Diana by one. Lol. Thanks for the ant advice Hammer. I'll check in to that. Date didn't happen.
  7. Well this morning's reading was 93. I don't know what I did to deserve this reading but I'll take it.
  8. I think what is written on packages is peculiar to one's country. I've never seen sell by or use by on written on packages in Canada. All we have is an expiry date and to my mind that's all that's needed. The stores usually put things on sale for half price with a sticker that says use tonight when it's close to the expiry date and I know that unopened things are good a week past the expiry date so I don't have to have things spelt out for me
  9. Lots of the foods that I buy have both "Sell By" dates, as well as "Use By Dates" on them. Here is a picture of the package that the hard boiled eggs come in that I eat for breakfast every day.
  10. Yes, I had an electric blanket at one time, and it specifically states that you are NOT to lay on top of it. Laying on top of it causes the heating elements that you are laying on to get hot. Doing that not only gets too hot for you to lay on, but it also damages the elements so that they no longer get hot. Something that I bought for my daughter years ago when she lived with me, was an electric cover. It was like a small electric blanket that you'd cover yourself with as you were sitting in a chair, watching TV or reading. It was long enough to cover you from head to toe. She liked it, but she never plugged it in, she just covered herself with it while watching TV.
  11. A 55 (3.0) for me today.
  12. I had a problem with carpenter ants, so I went online to Do My Own Pest Control, and checked out their ant control products. After checking out several different products, I bought a liquid that you mix with water in a pump sprayer, and a powder product that you put in a duster. I sprayed those two all around the house, and I haven't seen any more carpenter ants for years. I figured that it's a lot cheaper if you do it yourself, plus, you always have some of those pesticides on hand, in the event you see more ants.
  13. Friday, December 15: 4:34 AM (FBG, before breakfast): 102 Breakfast: avocado, TJ”s spicy Italian chicken sausage, Southern greens blend, Carbmaster blueberry muffin yogurt, coffee [Left my meter at home] 10:10 AM (snack): 1/4 cup dry roasted unsalted macadamias 12:10 PM (lunch): Nicoise salad 3:50 PM (snack): 1/3 bar Montezuma’s Absolute Black 6:13 PM (before dinner): 99 Dinner: shredded beef with onion; romaine; shredded cheese; 4 oz. TJ’s egg nog liquor 8:07 PM: 104 Then snack: 2 oz. brie, 1/4 cup mixed nuts, 1/3 bar Montezuma’s Absolute Black Average for the day: 102 Macronutrients: 110 grams carbs (39 grams fiber), 184 grams fat, 136 grams protein Calories: 2,552
  14. Yesterday
  15. Why do I walk on cold days? 131/87 p102 good walk
  16. Hey gang. Been busy and not posted lately. I'm on the same page with several people here. As long as it's clean and comfortable. I buy half dozen or dozen 3/4 length sleeve, V neck pull overs in different colors, and I'm set for a long time.
  17. 5.7 I used to enjoy Summer but we've had too many days over 100F with hot nights to follow. At least I was able to watch a great game of cricket on TV Mike that 98 looks good after your birthday celebrations yesterday. I hope you had an awesome time.
  18. At 5:00 am I was 125 (remembering to test, if I wake up early). After breakfast I was 126.
  19. When I owned my own Architectural firm I made sure I dressed for the role. Now that I am retired and 72 I don't dress to impress but I do dress to present my self to others. I try to keep my body in shape too. It pleases me that people don't react to me as that frumpy old man. Now we are just talking about well fitted black jeans, a bit of a trendy look in sneakers, solid color tees and a pull over or vest. Don't get many offers for a seat in the subway (common practice here) for being a senior. they still call me Sir. , I guess it is the white hair.
  20. 108
  21. Kit, maybe I'm being obtuse, but I have seen several references to people living in the PNW. Where is the PNW? Ahhh... just typing it, I answered my own question. Pacific Northwest! I am so stupid about acronyms!
  22. Here is a shot from the play. This beautiful young lady and I share the same birthday. She is a very talented actress/dancer/vocalist. Those cupcakes were home made and, yes, I had one. They were even better than cheesecake lol...
  23. 87 here
  24. Living in the PNW i have found that I really don't have multiple wardrobes. The only big difference between summer and winter is whether or not I am wearing sandals or tennis shoes. Or a jacket. I personally despise shopping with a passion. I know exactly what I need, go in, and then get the heck back out as quickly as possible.
  25. I'm now having weird flavor thoughts in my head!
  26. Angie, So glad no one was hurt. Weight is the same. I am getting Angie's cold. Hard to breathe.
  27. 98 today.
  28. 122 this morning... back to my little bit higher numbers... still not sure why.
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