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  2. Thursday, August 17: 5:05 AM (FBG, before breakfast): 101 Breakfast: avocado, TJ's apple chardonay chicken sausage, 1/2 bag Power to the Greens, Carbmaster apple cinnamon yogurt, coffee 11:49 AM (before lunch): 85 Lunch: egg salad (3 hard-boiled eggs, onion, mayo, cabbage), 2 squares Ghirardelli 100% baking chocolate 1:47 PM: 103 Then snack: 1/4 cup macadamias 7:14 PM (before dinner): 80 Dinner: omelet (cheddar), 1 oz. pepperoni, lettuce; low-carb chocolate-peanut butter ice cream; 4 tbsp Skippy Extra Crunchy peanut butter 9:30 PM: 87 Average for the day: 91 Macronutrients: 78 grams carbs (29 grams fiber), 178 grams fat, 104 grams protein Calories: 2,320
  3. Sepsis C-diff Cellulitis in right leg Infection and bad smell in left along with a blood clot pneumonia dangerously low blood pressure, high heart rate Hallucinations are likely being caused by the infections.
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  5. Oh and he's hallucinating? Seeing things he knows aren't there. He's not on any new medications that we are aware of at the moment.
  6. I don't know. My mom got sent back home to get some sleep as she was up all night so getting updated from an Aunt. Brother #1 and his wife are on their way down but are about 4 hours away. Between the 2 weeks I took for my mom's cancer last year, my broken ankle, and my recent vacation I just don't have any time off for the rest of the year and I can't really afford last minute plane tickets what with all these medical bills. I'm just really afraid the end is coming and I don't know how soon or far away it may be. This is a subject my mom won't even acknowledge. I think Brother #2 and I are on the same page, but neither of us wants to bring the subject up to each other.
  7. 7.2 Winter has returned & its too cold to have coffee under the stars this morning.
  8. wow, and the hits just keep on coming. so sorry to hear this does this mean they may have to amputuate more?
  9. Last year I made up a couple of hampers of goodies for a woman that had been kind to a friend & she often called in to pat my dogs. Unfortunately she left the region before I could give her the gifts, so I'm stuck with them. The main item was Campari , a favourite drink of hers. How can anyone like that stuff? Its the most bitter beverage I've ever tasted. I tried it last night in sugar free lemonade & my toes curled up on that. Not one to give up on a challenge, I kept adding stevia . It took about 2 table spoons of liquid stevia to break the bitterness down & then I realised I didnt even like its taste. I've no idea what I can do with it.. Ive tried to give it away but I guess I can keep trying.
  10. Buddy. My medical file is so small (thankfully) it mostly has stats taken at appointments, lab test, and follow up instructions,. I'm not sure there is much more information that have hidden, but I know there are Doctor notes that I can't see. Hammer. Even in a big city, with Big medical provider Kaiser, my services are just as quick and convenient as your small town. Nothing takes very long unless you want to go to the main facility to have blood drawn on Monday morning. Then maybe 30 minute wait. The smaller facilities it is just walk in. On on going appoints don't have any, but you get an email, reminder. And when I did break a bone in my wrist they scheduled 5 appointments after the first visit, then when I got the caste off they scheduled the appointments for physical therapy. Blood work us a standing order walk in. All this is a short jus ride or 1.5 mile walk for me.
  11. Java,even I am loving this holiday of yours. The photos are stunning & the adventures are great fun. I'd ask a pharmacist about those lumps & they must have something to relieve the itch
  12. Happy belated birthday Moonpie.
  13. beautiful. I used to live near the Monterey Bay Aquarium, miss that.
  14. I would listen to my body, while working out, and not push myself past my endurance point. And I would never exercise if I was tired because that is how we injure ourselves. Watch your reps, be consistent, and take 'ur easy. I use to work out on Nautilus equipment when I was in college about 30 years ago. Those were the days.
  15. we enjoyed the aquarium lil man was able to touch several rays and i touched one of thebig ones
  16. Excellent drop in BG after the walk cbokay Walked 9 miles this morning. I usually walk more on Fridays cause I know I won't walk on the weekends. There's a different kind of torture reserved for the weekends LOL
  17. Same here, I was at the noodle stage as well and electrolytes after working out, no more noodle
  18. 69 this morning. 2 hrs and 10 minutes and this work week is over!
  19. All I can do is shake my head in dismay. Today FBG: 105 mg/dl BG 3-hours post prandial (after "same-o, same-o" breakfast): 121 mg/dl Exercise directly after post prandial reading: walked 2-miles with Leslie Test BG right after walk: 86 mg/dl
  20. Thursday - 97 Today - 107
  21. A 95 (5.28) for me today. I started a new batch on insulin pens, so I had to drop my nightly dose down by 9 units, just in case the last pen was bad, hence the 95 for today.
  22. Hammer, there’s no comparison at all with the medical services you get over in the states, to ours in the UK. Providing you go completely private, this obviously will cost you loads of ££££ even through a private insurance, which I had before, since retirement my policy is now void. Now I’m on the NHS, which of course we all have to contribute too while you are working. A dilapidated NHS, which are funded by the Tax payers for all medical services, but unashamedly never seem to be funded properly hence the poor quality of services which are implemented. “Upcoming appointments” we’re never reminded, blood works gets to your Dr 72 hrs plus, diabetes check-ups every 6 months, blood test with-out an appointment, I personally waited some 3 hrs before, Drs appointments could be up to 2 weeks before you get in to see a Dr and repeat prescriptions you’re looking at 4 working days before you go to the Pharmacist, so I always make it a point to give them a call before I set off to get my meds. The only thing they got half-right are a schedule 6 months appointment for a diabetes check-up. So far never failed. So that’s why I’m going for this Drs on-line appointments system, hopefully it will speed things up somewhat seeing a Doctor. Something they assured me, it will get better. They’ve emailed me my password a username, so I’m set for my first on-line Drs Appointment. With the facilities on offer by the on line services, I set out in my first post, I’m somewhat concern though, how much medical information will be accessible to me on line. Got in touch with them today, but no one was eligible to tell me the answers I require to Know. Have to confess things are a little slower over here. Surely this has to be progress, hate the idea of waiting 2 weeks for a Doctor. Time to think differently of programme aims, to stimulate debate about the changes needed for the NHS and the social care system to meet the challenges of the future. By promoting discussion and debate, we hope to generate new thinking about innovative ways of delivering high-quality care and to support health and social care leaders in their decision-making. As part of the process, we hope to challenge assumptions about how health and social care is delivered, who delivers it and where it takes place. Our starting point for this debate is that the pressures for change, although significant, are not insurmountable but require new thinking for fresh ideas. But of course I’m no politician.
  23. Electrolytes seem to do the trick for me.
  24. 94 this morning.
  25. Oh, okay. I wasn't sure.
  26. What are the best methods you guys have found to help in recovering from an intense workout? Hydration, electrolytes, carbs, protein and/or a combination of all? I have recently increased my activity level and find that I am a "noodle" the day after. Just weak, wobbly, and tired. Adding a few carbs beforehand seems to help and more water and electrolytes afterward, but I would like to hear what works for others. Thanks.
  27. 119 was actually after avocado and coffee.
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