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  2. After having the surgery on my finger I was hoping to go straight home but had to go to a chemist to fill a script for anti biotics. I was feeling pretty miserable but obviously not so bad that I could walk past an op-shop . I just had to go in there & what luck.. a lovely Australian aboriginal dot painting & it was just $3 Unfortunately the artist story wasnt included but I can see a long journey through a hilly landscape where they stopped to rest at a waterhole. I cant operate my camera yet . This borrowed pic shows people from many regions came together
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  4. I totally agree & do watch the use-by-date.. those bottles break down & you can taste the plastic. Dont store bottled water in sunlight Jars of natural peanut butter is a great stand by as is dark chocolate over 79% cocoa preferably
  5. Hi. Im type1 LADA since 3 years. I'm totally dependent on my Dexcom G4 that I have to fund myself. I just spilled oil on my receiver....😩 I really need a new one but I'm hoping I can find a second hand. Please let me know if you have one for sale. I live in the Netherlands. You can email or message me +31613793665 thank you!
  6. Yes it is. I occasionally buy Atkins shakes at my independent grocers and it's always in stock if and when I want it. They do sell Atkins bars too but I find most have too many carbs. Both are rather expensive. If I want a sweet treat I usually make my own. Like Meyerly I always buy nuts when they are on sale or in bulk from Costco so I always have a good stash on hand. I always have a good stash of cheese too. Everything keeps very well in food saver vacuum sealer bags and could do without refrigeration if needs be. I also have canned meats and fish on hand at all times. In all of this there has been no mention of water and it's more essential than food in an emergency
  7. First and foremost are containers of water. After that, anything that is canned, like stringbeans, sliced carrots, collard greens (just open the can, drain out the water, and add red wine vinegar), canned meats, (don't overlook Spam and Vienna Sausages), jars of artichoke hearts, etc. Anything like that that comes in a can or jar, is eatable right out of the cooking is necessary, in the event that you have no way to heat food. (that's how I eat my vegetables....right out of the container.) Check the labels on the cans or jars, and make sure they are low in carbs. As was mentioned, nuts and seeds are also good, and if you want something salty, pork skins are good, but they do contain a lot of sodium, as does pepperoni slices, but they both have zero carbs. Slim Jims, but they have 4 carbs each.
  8. 7.6 I wondered if anyone would share my tuna after it had been opened using feet Neighbours have offered to help but I believe we should try to be independent. years ago, a former neighbour offered to help another when she broke her arm... she had her wash curtains & clean windows
  9. A 72 (4.0) for me today.
  10. 119. better
  11. 159.8, starting over again.
  12. Gilbert and Sullivan Christmas Carol? Gotta go look that one up! I have a friend who is a big G&S fan. I'll bet if I ask her she will since the entire production to me! We used to work together and when she was in a production she would sing to the patients in the dialysis clinic during their treatments. Congratulations, Mike. You know we have to see videos!
  13. Happy Birthday, Gram! It is my sister's birthday too! May all good things be yours in the next year. My plan for the weekend is to harvest the rest of the eggplant and cherry tomatoes in the yard and finish wrestling with the huge pot of stuff in my fridge that originally started out to be a relish. The only thing I can think of to do next is to double the ingredients (except the capers and olives) to dilute the salt. If that works the canning will commence in quarts instead of pints as originally intended. All of my vegan friends can use the stuff as spaghetti sauce. After having daily thunderstorms this summer (did not need to water the garden at all) things are so dry now that the leaves are just turning brown instead of changing colors. At least we haven't had wildfires like we did last year. I have been sad to see all of the destruction in CA, but at least my friends out there are okay.
  14. thanks folks atkins is not sold much in canada
  15. Is going to say similar. Nuts and seeds Jerky (make sure without sugar) Canned meats such as tuna, chicken, etc. Last suggestion. Make sure to rotate your supplies periodically. While the stuff does have a long shelf life, it's not forever.
  16. good luck getting a part, M!
  17. hope that finger heals nicely, lee ~ i'd pass out if i tried to watch them stitch anything *faints*
  18. From the album Weight loss journey

    baby muscles trying to grow
  19. From the album Weight loss journey

    baby muscles trying to grow
  20. 86 this morning
  21. I have a stash of almonds right now. I buy them up when they are on sale or I have good coupons. Canned meat, poultry, fish, Atkins shakes, cocoa, and water are some of the supplies I have on hand.
  22. we got some emergency food packs for earthquakes etc. first ingredient was sugar, so that is what is the highest content. not exactly suitable for diabetics! suggestions welcome thanks
  23. thank you for the feedback miss V - glad it wasnt just me today i am slightly tender from yesterdays workout but not bad; i swam a pretty zen 1 mile today here are my baby muscles trying to grow (be nice now, dont laugh) clearly my awful triceps are gonna take a lot of time and work to improve
  24. I buy 4-5 dozen eggs at a time. They last well past their sell by date. Weight is the same 288 but not unhappy at all. Not gaining. lol
  25. 15 minutes on the summit trainer, which is the point where my legs turn to rubber. 1 hour on the treadmill, didn't think I'd like it but with my mp3 player plugged in it's rather enjoyable. 1 hour on the bike
  26. After yesterday's eat fest in the aftermath of the colonoscopy, I was 103 this morning... not bad really. And I don't need to go back for 10 years!
  27. Most things have expiration dates on them, doesn't really mean they actually go bad soon after that date, it's more like a suggestion or a guess. Angie, I wouldn't worry too much about wheelchair guy. If he meant it as a compliment, he was mistaken. Most women don't really like that. What he and his sister said was nice and would be welcomed by just about anyone and that should have been the end of the comments. After his comment about taking it from a man as to how good you looked does not even deserve an acknowledgement, just keep on walking. I would stay away from him if at all possible. Plus, he doesn't realize how hard you're working could be a danger to him
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