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Diabolical Disease

Posted by mystiquarte , 30 December 2016 · 108 views

Meds: Byetta 10mcg 2/24 and Lantus 52 units 1/24

fbg: 8.1
after breakfast: 11.7
before lunch: 5.9
after lunch: 11.9
before tea: ?
after tea: ?
bedtime: ?

fbg: 8.5

I ran out of testing stripes after lunch yesterday that is why I'm missing the last of the reading...but I think I can fill in the blanks by now. My morning readings and reading in general across the board are rising again, as my educator isn't back at work until the 2nd of January I'm going adjust my insulin tonight by 2 units going up too 54 units. I don't like it being so high and I've being so so sleepy today barely keeping my eyes open. My eyes are blurry and I wake up with headaches and the driest mouth, it's just awful. I really need to see my Endo and hope he changes my insulin to something else. Lantus is a good insulin but it's clearly not working effectively for me, like it does for others. So I just want to look ahead and hope that in about four weeks or so my levels will come down dramatically and I start to feel well because right now I feel horrible.

It's being so hot and humid, it's almost killing me I have a hard time breathing in hot/humid weather it affects my asthma so bad. I hate summer. Thank goodness I'm not in a relationship right now because with this horrendous heat I don't want anyone sleeping next to me with their body heat and I don't want to be touched...it's just far too hot. I cannot breathe man...come on winter!!

My eating disorder has being laying low, not troubling me as it has. When it does settle like this I wait because when it does trouble me again it will be even stronger than before. I just take each day as it comes and when days are bad I take them minute by minute, hour by hour. Hoping that I get through it and eat what I can that is all I can do.

I'm about to take my byetta before tea and then do another reading...I could quiet easily go to bed and sleep but it's so hot right now I don't want too even when I do go to bed later in the evening it's sticky hot, it just makes you feel uncomfortable.

Random question: whats your favourite band?
I have so many bands I like it would take too long to list them all...but right now I'm really into sigur ros.

Bonus random question: What was the last social faux pas you made?
Not just me but my son and I missed christmas lunch with the whole family, as I was sick but even so it wasn't good.

I think part of the problem you're having is that Lantus is a slow acting insulin.  basically, when you inject it into your body, it crystallizes.  That crystalline structure slowly breaks down over a 24 hour period (exact time frame varies per individual).


The thing is, Lantus and other slow acting insulins, are not designed to cover the glucose load from a meal.  They are meant to cover your background insulin needs (basically to counteract what your liver produces).


This is why you're jumping so much higher after meals.


To cover meals, you need a fast acting insulin.  I'm assuming your Byetta was supposed to handle that as it spurs your body to making more of its own insulin.  However, it is not even coming close to meeting your insulin needs for meals.


So, its not that Lantus doesn't work for you for some reason.  Its just the wrong tool for the job.  Or at least its not the only tool that is needed.  IMO its the Byetta that is the issue.  Maybe you need a higher dose.  Maybe its just having to force more insulin than your body can manage to cover your current carb load.


I still say, dropping your current carb load a bit will likely significantly help.  A few of us have posted suggestions about that previously while meeting your dietary preferences and restrictions.

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And I just read your next post and it looks like you're already working on the dietary portion of things, so never mind there.  :)


BTW - that was a great improvement on your after lunch numbers.  :)

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