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Posted by mystiquarte , 01 January 2017 · 99 views

Meds: Byetta 10mcg 2/24 and Lantus 54 units 1/24

fbg: 7.4
after breakfast: 8.5
before lunch: 8.3
after lunch: 7.6
before tea: 9.9
after tea: ?
bedtime: ?

fbg: 7.2

I am so pleased that 2016 is over...it was such a horrible year. There is a different energy about this year, numerologically it's a great number for me and I hope good things are going to happen this year. I purposely never make resolutions, seriously what is the point. I usually have some sort of a plan with goals...short, mid-term, long-term goals...I am not too anal about them now as I use to be because if they aren't achieved in the time frame you've set them then it feels like a fail. I don't need anymore reasons to feel bad about myself, as I am trying to boost my self-esteem not crush it. So yes, boosting my self-confidence is one and another one, which is kind of a big one is finding love. I would like it to be my last love, it has taken me quiet along time to work through my fears over commitment - but I have - and I really want to find a special guy and have a deep committed relationship that will last.

Over the past few days I've done two things to try and get my levels where they need to be, they have being high since I started monitoring them and I haven't felt 'well' at all. The first thing I adjusted my lantus increasing it to 54 units, it's only 2 units but over the past couple of days it has made a difference already. The other thing is changed my food, which happened by accident when my Son and I went to my mother's for morning tea and then I stayed to have lunch with her. As I didn't bring my lunch and she didn't have any gluten-free breads or rice cakes I had a salad with some off the bone ham. When I tested after lunch I was amazed that my level was 7.6!! I talked through my confliction over the carbs my dietitian says I 'should eat' and what my numbers are saying, she has supported the general consensus here...eat to your meter. I've tried to do it as much as I can, I want to get lunch sorted firstly then once I know that my numbers are where they should be I will move on to breakfast. Breakfast is tricky for me, as my fbg levels aren't always in the goal range, which has to do with my insulin and as I've said before lantus isn't really working for me. I am really encouraged now as I've seen the results and yesterday at lunch I had a salad with mushrooms and over the top I put lime juice and I was still a bit hungry afterwards so I had 4 rice cakes and it was still in goal range. So I can have 'some' carbs just not the quantity that they have told me too eat. There isn't anything better than a nice big chunky cut salad with lime juice...it's just very summery! So bugger what they reckon I should be eating, I can't, it is clear to me that those foods are always going to give high results. Eating fewer carbs is the way to go. Today for lunch I'm going to make a stir-fry with chinese sauces and lots of vegies. Next week I am going to make a fav a Vietnamese dish that is so tasty very aromatic and tastes incredible, the recipe does have honey in it as with all asian dishes they include the five senses but I'll modify it with my artificial sugar and it should be all good.

There is a bit of internal conflict going on about all of this...on the one hand I'm getting encouraged and feel excited about creating meals that give me good results and on the other hand it's still food and it's hard to want to even cook it. I feel guilty and that I shouldn't be cooking it or eating it..I should be able to live off my reserves, surely and it's better for your body to burn off all the extra fat. I could not eat high fat meals, no way it isn't going to happen and I can't see a time that I would ever want to eat high fat meals. I cannot get my twisted head around that one.

Radom question: Whats your favourite job beginning with the letter T?
Tattoo artist

Bonus random question: Whats been your worst date ever?
This guy asked me out and we went to a really nice inner city bar for pre-dinner drinks and he didn't have the money to pay for them, in fact, he didn't have any money to take me out at all. It's one thing when your offer to pay half but he didn't contribute at all and I hate the feeling where your expected to be the one that pays for everything. I was actually nice to this guy when this happened and I wish I wasn't he didn't deserve it. I would like to treated out to make up for all the lousy dates like this one where I've had to foot the bill time and time again...and I would like to treat my man also but all the other times I would ask if he wanted me to pay my share. It should be equal, shouldn't it.

Good for you on making some progress with eating to your meter. It is a light bulb moment when we see that we do have some control over our bg numbers. I wish you continued good numbers!!


As for the worst date ever? I couldn't tell you because I married my high school sweetheart and all our dates were fabulous. I am old fashioned. I think the man should pay for you especially if he was the one who asked you out. I hope you find a good man this year.

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