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Glamour Plague

Posted by mystiquarte , 03 January 2017 · 127 views

Meds: Byetta 10mcg 2/24 and Lantus 54 units 1/24

fbg: 7.0
after breakfast: 11.3
before lunch: 9.1
after lunch: 9.6
before tea: ?
after tea: 11.3
bedtime: ?

fbg: 7.2

I've being extra careful and making sure I eat at the correct times, not delaying, I didn't realise what I was doing was 'wrong'. I'd find myself wanting to push meals back and back...if I didn't have to eat them at all that would have being preferable, so I'd eventually have to eat them. It's reluctant, it's like a chore...my chore is eating my meals. There isn't a dog or cat that I can feed them too. I get pangs of hunger from time-to-time and they feel weird, still...I don't always trust them...I use to tell myself that I was thirsty not hungry so when I first feel one I tell myself that I'm really thirsty. It had to be ice cold water, as you burn up calories getting back to normal temperature...these things are ingrained in me, I can't change over-night. I'm finding it all a struggle though I don't let on...no-one understands what's it's like and they don't know what to say when you tell them your finding it all too much. Instead of them giving you understanding or reach out to you...I end up supporting them and saying it will be alright. But I don't know if it will and for how long, what happens if it doesn't work and I end up back where I was? It's a constant effort and if I didn't know what time it was, I don't think I would eat. Imagine you were full and then you had too eat a bar of soap, every last bit of the soap...that is what it's like for me at meal times.

I don't want sympathy though, or pity...I just want to know your there and that you'll continue to encourage me, because it's hard alone. I feel like that all the time, like I'm alone. The back of my throat is locking up, it hurts and I just don't want to do this anymore.

I've eaten all my meals so far today, before lunch I was close to having another hypo...I felt cold, goose bumpy but thats all and I ate before it could have developed into a hypo, so that's ok. It's weird they are happening before lunch.

Random question: Name a couple of T.V. shows you watch a lot?
I've watching House on netflix, I love it and I'm also watching a show called Crashing but I'm a bit sh%$tty because I actually like it and there is only one season and that one season consists of only 6 episodes.

Bonus random question: favourite animal to have as a pet?
The easy answer would be a siamese cat, I love their blue eyes and sleek elegant fur and I love german shepherds.
The hard answer...I would love to raise a potty calf...it's a long story!

Have you been testing when you get your hypos?  You don't officially go hypo until you get 3.9 or lower.  The lowest I saw on your previous post was 4.9, which is very much in normal non diabetic range.  It is, however, possible to get false hypos, especially if you've been running high for a long time.


Mine were relatively minor.  I'd get light headed, anxious, and shakey.  It normally only happened before dinner, usually while I was on my way home from work.  Once I ate dinner, the symptoms would go away.


The reason I mention this, is you want to be careful about treating false hypos.  Doing so just shoots your blood sugar back up again and your body never adjusts back to normal levels.


This is, however, assuming that 4.9 was your lowest point.


The whole point about paying attention to your diet is about making intelligent choices, not eating like everyone else.  See, you're eventually going to run into an issue.  If you go on a fast acting insulin, you're going to have to count carbs so you can dose properly.  And the more carbs you eat, the more insulin you have to take.  And if there is an error, the larger doses you take, the more likely you can end up wioth some pretty low and dangerous hypos.


That said, if you go on a fast\slow acting insulin regimen, you will have a lot more control over things.  Like I mentioned previously, the lantus is to cover your background insulin needs.  The fast acting insulin covers your meals.  So if you skip or delay a meal, not a big deal.  Just skip or delay your fast acting insulin.

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Jan 04 2017 05:38 AM

I know that 'technically' it wasn't a hypo...I said I had a hypo because of the way it made me feel, it was a hypo I couldn't think I had no cognitive function at all and I was shivering cold and it was 38 degree's C outside!!  for all intents and purposes...............it was a hypo and I needed the jelly beans.

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