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Paranormal Affliction

Posted by mystiquarte , 11 February 2017 · 51 views

Meds: NovoRapid 8 units 3/24 and Lantus 35 units am & 40 units pm

fbg: 6.8
after breakfast: 8.2
before lunch: 5.7
after lunch: 6.3
before tea: 7.3
after tea: 7.0

fbg: 6.6

Man, I hate summer, yesterday was so hot it was hard staying hydrated with perspiring so much and the humidity was awful the whole day was just disgusting. Then when I woke up this morning, I have an asthma attack...lungs tightly compressed cannot breathe...at all...not a great way to begin the day. It's now half three and my lungs are still tight, I can breathe but it's not together 'easy'. The last few nights, actually, I have felt like I may have an asthma attack as it's so hot and humid when I go to bed and this house tends to be a bit like a tin shack...not great for my asthma. Why do I have to live here? Why can't I live somewhere cold, somewhere were it's not humid and I can't breathe easier at least, is that too much to ask?

This last week I've also had two hypo's and the last one I rang the educator, I hadn't done that for previous hypo's it was reassuring. I also talked over the problem with my morning fbg's and she gave me some great advice, which I've followed through on that night when taking lantus. So tonight my lantus goes up 2 points in the evening and 1 point in the morning and I'll stick to that for three days and assess how it's doing and ring the educators on Friday if I need too. I seem to be averaging two hypo's a week lately, I was hoping that my body would have adjusted to normal bg by now. It's still in the diabetic ranges and I really want to bring it down to normal range for non-diabetics, I really don't want to end up worse than this is already. I want to try and not have this disease become progressively worse over time, if I can stop it great if not then I want to at least try and really slow it down.

I haven't being able to get my results for the blood test yet as I had complications with my anaemia and it was impossible to travel on public transport to do it. I've being so dreadfully tired, dizzy and I've also noticed how weaker I seem to be, it hasn't improved at all. So I would like to go in and get the results and face what ever comes next with managing this anaemia. As worried as I am, I will face the next step as I don't want to be like this, who wants to be falling asleep during the middle of the day and not having enough energy to do simple things.

More later, I am worn out.

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