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Hocuspocus Haze

Posted by mystiquarte , 14 February 2017 · 38 views

Meds: NovoRapid 8 units 3/24 and Lantus 35 units am & 40 units pm

fbg: 5.4
after breakfast: 7.6
before lunch: 6.4
after lunch: 7.6
before tea: 7.5
after tea: 10.8

fbg: 5.7

I didn't quiet meet my hope of achieving three consecutive mornings with fbg's under 100, but, to my credit I was able to achieve three consecutive mornings with fbg's in the 5's, so I couldn't be happier. When I revisit my very first blogs and look at my fbg's and compare them to now, wow the change is unbelievable. Quiet honestly, when I first started blogging and taking readings I never thought I would be able to achieve these levels...but it's working and they are getting better each week.

I am still eating red meat and I'm finding I'm getting cravings for it! Last night I had to have a piece of steak and I had it with some pasta salad, I cooked it with the fat on it but I should have trimmed it before cooking it. So I am sure that is why my reading is higher after tea last night, it wasn't that I ate something I should've. I am still learning about meat, cooking it etc...so now I know that I have to trim it before cooking it should be ok now. I don't eat a piece of meat bigger than my fist, so the portion of protein is right and my dietitian has helped me with being able to judge how much of this and that I should be eating. Other times I've eaten a piece of steak my readings afterwards have being low, so I'm confident that it was the fat content of the steak I was eating...I cooked it with it on but I cut off all the visible fat before eating it. I rubbed the steak with portuguese seasoning and garlic salt, it was mouth-wateringly succulent.

While shopping today there was an older lady that wasn't feeling too good and they rushed to get her a chair to sit on, I heard her say that she was diabetic. So I went over and told her I am diabetic also, she said she wasn't feeling to well I asked if she had taken a reading to which she said no, so I offered and her reading was 2.9 so I took my jelly beans out of my bag and gave them to her...colour came back to her cheeks straight away but she was still incoherent a bit, she lived close by so she was going to go home and have lunch. It felt so good to be able to help a fellow human being, crisis adverted, being able to think quickly under pressure is a skill I learnt I had by going through enormous stress and crisis' in my past...I wish I had become a nurse like I wanted to do, helping this old lady today felt wonderful and she was grateful that I was there at the right time to be able to just get on with it and do what needed to be done as no-one else knew what was wrong with her and how to help...I did!

You're doing great. I hope to achieve a fasting improvement even with DP. I doubt I'll reach your lows but I most certainly applaud you for a job well done.
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Feb 15 2017 06:34 PM

thank you so much kooka ... if I can get these lows after being high for so long, I really believe anyone can don't give up trying kooka :)

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