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fingers are crossed...

Posted by mystiquarte , 05 April 2017 · 150 views

I've being so incredibly tired, it's more like an extreme tiredness like I would imagine sleeping beauty had before she slept. I've now had two injections of B12 and I am struggling still, although, family have commented that I have more 'colour' in my face now. But I'm still weak, tire easily and get dizzy all the time. My doctor said that after the third injection I'll require three more and then a top up every six months and make sure that my haemoglobin doesn't get too low.

The past few days my meter has notified me of a low pattern occurring before lunch, today it really amplified all the anaemic symptoms but included an inability to think and I was as shaky as a drunk withdrawing looking at an empty bottle. It wasn't really the insulin's fault for my low pattern, it's my own, yesterday I slept past my scheduled time for lunch thanks to being anaemic and today I was just busy running errands and arrived home late for lunch. I'll have to watch it but it might happen a bit this week as I'm busy with appointments most of the week.

Also, I've gotten a diagnosis of an eating disorder and disordered eating behaviours just recently.

More later, I will be back, just taking things easy for a while.

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