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Posted by mystiquarte , 16 April 2017 · 261 views

The past few mornings my FBG has being quiet low, it doesn't really bother me unless I need to take jelly beans to counteract a hypo. I would much rather be low than high, thats for sure, when your hyper you just don't feel very well. So last night I altered my dosage of insulin (basal) to see if it made a difference and I think it has as this morning I was 3.8 or (68.4). I don't mind 3.8, I seem to tolerate it quite well compared to the low 3s. Only a few short months ago I was wondering if I'd adjust to the lower bg's readings I was having after being prescribed NR and now I'm saying that I tolerate the higher 3s better than the lower 3s, funny. Having the right insulin both basal and bolus has made all the difference!

I've being restricting my food intake and depriving myself of anything substantial, I get by on 'this and that' rather cooking a meal. I am saying this as I really want to overcome all of this, but it seems to have the upper hand. I was in bed last night and I had stomach pains and use to be able to block them out, now I'm feeling them. I am trying to do the best I can, I struggle but somehow I am muddling through day by day...I wish I knew what to actually do. Apart from telling the truth here and mentioning it to my Son, I haven't told anyone what is going at present...I don't see the point when it doesn't change anything I still find it hard to cope...I'm not talking for the bloody fun of it, talking does nothing.

You're doing a real good job with your morning numbers.  But don't fret about getting it so low.  You're still doing really great anywhere under 5.0 (90) and still doing really good anywhere under  5.6 (100).


Pushing lows, even mild ones, can cause someone to become hypo unaware.  It means your body won't react.  Which can lead you to get lower, which can make you more hypo unaware, etc.


As for the eating stuff, I wish I had some suggestions.  I have a lot of fun playing around with recipes and using different vegetables in different and fun ways.  I'm still obsessed recreating asian style dishes based on zucchini noodles.  One of these days I'll get the guts to recreate a thai red curry using coconut milk.


I know this is silly because I can't really relate, but maybe approaching it as any other biological function might help?  I mean we all need to eat, sleep, piss, shoot, blow our noses, etc.


Yeah, I realize its not that simple, but just tossing out ideas.

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Apr 20 2017 11:56 PM

thank you Kit, it helps x

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