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  • cabbage fry
    cabbage fry
    Can u send the recipe for the Cabbage Fry, please?  It looks great!!  :-)
  • File Apr 23, 4 21 59 PM
    File Apr 23, 4 21 59 PM
    Always good to teach kids about firearms and safety.
  • cabbage fry
    cabbage fry
    Looks delicious, should post the recipe :)
  • image2s
    Great ink!  Looking for the bucks to finish mine.  but there won't be color in it.
  • update daily FBG since DX
    update daily FBG since DX
    I've been trending upwards somewhat, esp. since that one FBG of 65 episode where I had a mini-panic and started to up my carbs by quite a bit.  Still figuring out quite a bit but mostly under...

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