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How Many Calories Per Day?

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I know many of you (most?) count carbs in addition to calories, but I was curious for those who do not mind telling, what do you try to limit your calories to? My doctor (so far?) has just suggested portion control and walking 30 minutes a day -- which I'm doing. I see him again on 2/20 and maybe will get some more input or see a dietician.

Currently, I am 38, 5'7" and 167#. I have lost a few pounds the past three weeks since finding out about my diabetes. I walk 30 minutes a day and try to keep my calories under 1400 per day. Some days a little more, and many days closer to 1200. I really want to loose weight but want to do it in a way I can live with from now on and so far, this is pretty "easy" in terms of not feeling like I'm starving.

What about you? Do you mind sharing your calories, current stats and goals?

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Women's Nutrition Guide -How Many Calories do I Need?

Jill - go to this site, it will help you figure out what you need to maintain your weight or even to lose. I used this, and also figured out from another book and it tends to work out ok. When figuring your carbs if there is fiber, this is subtracted from your alloted carbs since a fiber will cancel out a carb as my doc says, tho I don't bother if it only has one or 2 fibers since I dont' think that amounts to much difference. (they say 50% of the calories should be carbs, and a carb is equal to 4 calories - so I can have 1553.5 calories for my goal weight of 115) - 1/2 is 776.75 divided by 4 give me 194 carbs (I round down) which is 48.5 carbs a meal and 24 carbs for 2 daily snacks) (when I went on metformin, the fast acting I lost 30 + lbs in less than 2 months and want to bring it back to 115 lbs)

I took my total carbs allowed per day and divided into 4, this gives me my 3 meals, and 2 snacks (take the 1/4 into half) Now that I am on the right meds I am able to maintain my weight, and keep my blood sugars in better control, unless of course I eat something that is not good for me - such as white flour items, corn

hope this helps you, it took me a while to figure out. Some people do better on lower carbs than needed, some do fine, it just depends on the person...They say a body needs at least 130 carbs a day to survive efficiently....it is all a matter of experiment. And I do not have the same amount of carbs for breakfast as I do for dinner since I spike more so in the morning if I do attempt this...




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I have quite a bit of weight to lose. I'm partially on Jenny Craig and eating 1200-1300 calories per day.

If you're interested, we're logging a week of meals and readings on another board here. (My name there is The Poker Mom.)




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thank u so much for this forum. i have learned soooo much in just a few weeks. after my diagnosis of type 1- 3 yrs ago i have been afraid to diet like i used to. Afraid of the lows. I hate them. i have always weighed in at around 115 or 120. I have always exercised and dieted. my fears took over my senses. I'm not sure which one of you said it, but u said Diet like a nondiabetic. So simple BUTTTTTTT this has helped me tremendously and in 5 weeks i have lost 12.6 pounts. i hope to go for 12 more thx again