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Avandia, Avandament

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Are these two the same thing? My husband takes Avandament now and it's not helping to bring his sugar down. He's better now down in the 230s from the 460s. I heard something on the radio that Avandia is not good to take. Anybody have any comments or advice?



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Avandamet is an Avandia/metformin combination. I'd certainly check with his doctor to see if he should continue it, as there has been some cardiac problems linked to Avandia in the news recently.

Is your husband getting regular exercise? Exercise helps with blood sugar control.

Personally, I have found that if I eat a lower carb diet, avoiding bread, potatoes, rice, pasta (all the good stuff), I have better readings. I eat lots of green veggies, lean meats, salads and try and stay away from the other things.

Does he monitor his blood sugar regularly to see how certain foods affect him? If he takes his blood sugar 2 hrs after his meals, he'll know what to avoid and what to eat based on his levels.

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Ditto what Penny said .....

In my opinion, Avandia and Actos products are the devil's spawn! I REFUSE to take them! In your hubby's case, Is he also controlling his diet (watching how many carbohydrates he ingests daily, moreso with each and every meal and snack)? If so, they apparently aren't doing the job, and I'd have him talk to his doctor and have his meds changed! (Preferably to something OTHER than anything with Avandia or Actos in it!)

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Thank you both! He cannot exercise because of his foot problem that never got better. He has another surgery coming up and then after that they have to insert a PIC line so he can take antibiotics daily. He's so young and so sick. He eats bread, rice, pasta you name it. I can cook healthy, but will he eat it most likely not. He has it in his head along with a friend of that they can eat whatever they want as long as they take their meds. I'll try to see if I can find substitutes for breads, pasta and all the good stuff. Thanks again!