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Foot baths

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I've developed a good case of foot callouses (heals, edge of big toes) because I run around the house and deck barefooted. I decided to smarten up and start taking better care of my feet. (My husband is also T2 and does the cream or vasoline at night with socks.)

We have an unused Dr. Scholl Foot Bath so I decided to buy some soaking salts and to use the massaging action of the foot bath. To my surprise, the unit had a BIG warning not to use if diabetic. Is this because folks with Diabetes may not have the sensitivity to know when to get out of the water?

I also bought a stone (bone), brush and a callous scrapper to use after soaking my feet for about 10 minutes. The scrapper also said not to be used by diabetics. I'm thinking you might scrap too much and create more problems (which does make sense).

I've read other threads on foot care and the use of lotions, oils, etc. Does anyone SOAK feet to soften the skin before using lotions, etc.?




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There are two main reasons that Diabetics are advised not to soak our feet:

  • Soaking feet for more than 3-4 minutes causes the skin to soften and break up easily, which doesn't heal well.
  • Impaired circulation will cause the skin to burn very easily; water temps in excess of 92F/33C can easily burn the skin.

As for pumice stones and callous scrapers, the controversy is that a callous or corn is the body's natural protection against irritation and thus shouldn't be removed; some physicians suggest a better solution is having orthotic inserts made, special shoes, or having shoes stretched to reduce irritation. The majority of podiatrists (that I'm aware of) do file down callouses, though.

Personally, I do use a footbath occasionally, but never for more than 10 minutes and only with lukewarm water. I'd imagine that the words of warning are meant more for diabetics with tenuous control, and as always YMMV :)




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I'm too lazy to just soak my feet. I soak my whole body. Add a book to the situation and you'll find me in the tub for hour + at a time.

As for the Footsies, I go to Podiatrist who specializes in dealing with Diabetics. I go every 12-15 weeks to have him shave off the calluses corns etc. My feet feel Brand New for about a week afterwards.

Although I'm a barefoot kinda guy, I'm getting ready to get a pair of L.L. Bean mocs, they last forever. mY wife's pair of Bean Slipper/Mocs are 8 years old and still look like new

Here's a link to the Mocs for Men


And, NO, I don't have anything to do with L.L. Bean, except buying stuff from them Anything you buy from them seems to last for ever
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I was under the impresstion that it was OK to use foot baths for a short length of time as long as you did not have neuropathy. I also think slippers are a good alternative to bear feet.