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Meter reading of HIGH

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What does it mean when your meter reading simply says high? I am worried to death about my husband. Please help.




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Which meter is it?

For the One Touch meters, a reading of "High" means a blood glucose level of over 600 which is considered a medical emergency.

Did he test more than once? Did he also perform a control test (with the control solution) to make sure the meter is functioning correctly? Double check to make sure the code on the strip container matches the code on the meter (if the meter requires one)?

There are quite a few things you can do to ensure that the reading is accurate before panicking.

If it does turn out that he's consistently getting the "High" as a reading after doing the above and re-testing a couple of times, you should insist he contact his doctor immediately.
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have him wash his hands and retest

if he's still reading 'high' then you need to take him to hospital to get those bg levels down :(



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I ate a banana today and had a reading of 505. That didn't quite compute so I washed my hands. I was 250. I didn't think I bolused enough for the banana, which was why I was testing. But even so, 250 is a lot better than 505! So, yes. wash his hands.

If he's getting HI numbers a lot, or a HI is not going down even after treatment (which means insulin, if he doesn't have insulin you need to get to a doctor who does have it). It's time for an emergency visit.

I've had the odd HI as I've learned about this D thing, and it's not fun. Feels yucky and you simply can't drink enough water! But mine always were attributed to something obvious. Too much to drink, forgetting insulin, crazy food. things like that. And they always came down within a few hours.

If it's a one off and he's taken his insulin to correct it, I would expect his bg to be closer to normal very soon. If his bloodsugar is doing this frequently, or if he's not on insulin, or if his blood sugar doesn't come down with treatment I'd call the doc or go to the emergency room.
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It is over 600... and the meter only goes to 600. I had high readings when I was diagnosed.
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I had a few HIs with my one touch last week and it scared me to death to be honest. It means the BS is so high the meter does not even recognize it. :( Make sure he takes a lot of insulin to "cover" this immediately and if that does not work, get him to a hospital!
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Hello Steph,
Whats the update, is everything okay?
Jill in AZ



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Yikes! If he's not on insulin, he needs to get to someplace he can be until that reading comes down.

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If a meter says HI or HIGH, it's time to reply "well hello you *add chosen bad word*" wash hands, check again. If it's still HI then it's time for a massive dose of insulin or a trip to the ER!

HI really bites hard on ya:( Feels horrible!
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