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Free Diabetic Shoes for Medicare, Some Insurances

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I was just at a diabetic ed class at the local clinic, and a lady came in to speak to us about special shoes for diabetics.

She said that Medicare and other insurers are really concerned about keeping our feet from going bad, so more and more insurance companies -- including Medicare and our state's Medicaid programs -- are now paying for one pair of special, customized shoes for diabetics per year.

And these don't look like your grandmother's ugly prescription clod hoppers, either.

She had a really stylish pair of shoes -- any shoe lover would be proud to wear them. They have all kinds of different looks and styles to choose from. I chose a basic black shoe with velcro straps, because that is what I chose. They had basic white shoes for nurses, and LOTS of more stylish shoes as well.

Somehow or another they take the shoe and "mold" it to your feet or something with special inserts and stuff. Someone who specializes in foot ware does this.

Anyway, we were all encouraged to get a pair if our insurance will cover it (I have medicare, so mine did). I've already ordered mine, and when they come back in, the footware specialist will bring them to my home and customize them for me.

It's something that the rest of you might want to look into.



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This had been mentioned recently. I guess that most insurance companies are not on board with this. From what I know, you have to have foot problems or being prone to to qualify. It's not that they want you to have a new pair of shoes, they find it cheaper to buy shoes than treat a sore caused by poor shoes. So I don't think everyone would qualify. New Balance makes sneakers that qualify under the program. You may want to look into that
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Out of curiosity, where does one go about getting these shoes? Do you have a link to the program?
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A person has to ask their doctor to authorize Medicare to pay for the shoes (essentially an Rx). You need to find a Manufacturers rep in your area - try contacting some of the larger senior homes around and find out if the are aware of one that visits their facility. I have gotten shoes from Priority Footware for the last two years. Their rep comes to my senior housing facility and takes impressions of my feet. Priority then makes 3 sets of inserts for the shoes I choose from their catalog - all standard issue from the manufacturers. I have gotten Hush Puppies and Inserts from them for the last two years. They are good shoes and the inserts are fine. However, I will not repeat again. The model of Hush Puppy they sell costs about $125-150 retail. They charge Medicare $550 for my shoes & inserts. I think it is a rip -off. Next time I will go for on-line diabetic shoes (google it) and on-line diabetic insets (Google - less than $50. I thinking of trying New Balance Shoes with new inserts. While this will cost me some money, it will be less than a third of what they over charge Medicare.
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