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I recently received the pre-diabetes diagnosis. I am in the middle of a series of three classes to learn more about it and how to care for myself.

I had gestational diabetes about two years ago when I was pregnant with my fourth child (never had it before that), so much of the class is review for me. However, the numbers for counting carbs, calories, etc are different since I'm not pregnant.

I'm having a hard time adjusting to eating the "right way". I am finding I need to be very rigid at first and count diligently, make meal plans so I know what to eat when, etc.

I am wondering if anyone has a computer program - or even better - an iphone application that they use to track carbs per meal and for daily totals. I cannot find a dietary exchange list on iphone apps anywhere.





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The computer program most people swear by is Calorie King. You can go to [url=http://www.calorieking.com]CalorieKing - Diet and weight loss. Calorie Counter and more[/url]. I believe they have a pay service. I have tried looking up things on there for free nad have not been overly impressed.

I have yet to find an application for my Instinct which would be nice. I'm not sure about iPhone.

I've started carrying a book with me. You can find a variety of different ones in bookstores, but tehy will have nutritional info for a variety of generic and name brand foods. That has helped me and as I get more comfortable with it I find I don't need it as often.
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I have a couple of apps on my iPod Touch which I find useful. I have Carb Finder, which gives all the nutrition breakdown on many foods. There are several others in the App Store, but they mainly focus on calorie counting, but some of them include carbs. You can just go and do a search for Carb counter or Carb finder. The other app that I really like is a free one called Glucose Buddy. This allows you to enter all kinds of information about your diabetes, including blood glucose, medication, carbohydrates at a meal, and activity. There is also a place for notes, which is very handy.
I think you will find these apps very useful. Good luck in searching the App store.

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