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Humalog and weight gain.

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Someone explain this to me? Is it just because it when people tend to get better control, they'll put back on the weight they lost from high readings? Some days for me are carbier than others without any bad blood sugar repercussions, but I'd hate to think that taking a few units of extra insulin in a day will make me resistant or blow up or something.



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Hi zelack, are you Type 1 or Type 2?

Insulin is a major fat storage hormone -- with too little of it we cannot store fat... with too much of it we cannot burn fat, so:

If you are a Type 1 with little to no insulin, you would have been using up -- and not replacing -- your fat stores... once that is corrected with injected (exogenous) insulin your body should fairly quickly return to your "normal" weight.

If you are Type 2 with higher than normal levels of insulin but the body is not using it effectively (Insulin Resistance -- IR), "covering" food with a "top-up" of exogenous insulin to overcome the IR can lead to excess fat storage... which in turn can lead to increased IR and so on...

The trick is to balance just the right amount of insulin to manage a healthy BG level while minimising how much you take to so as to not cause excess fat storage. Arguably the most effective way to minimise your insulin use while maintaining good BG control is to: minimise the foods that raise your BG levels.



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Great explanation Frank!

I've maintained my weight (give or take a pound or two) for the last 6 years by limiting my carbohydrate intake, which in turn means pumping less insulin.




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I have just started using humalog with my meals & keeping my daily total carb intake less than 100 and my calories less than 1350. I was hoping that I could avoid the weight gain so many seem to have. Is this a good regime?
Fat is not where I want/need to go!!!:(
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my endo and diabetes care team both told me to that an initial weight gain of roughly 3 to 5 pounds once starting insulin is completely normal, because your body is now able to store fat again as opposed to breaking it down to use as a source of energy.
i gained 3 pounds in the first week and was horrified...and terrified it would continue at that pace... but i'm four weeks in and that was the extent of it.
i do carefully watch carbs, i try not to go beyond 100g per day if i can help it, but i think i mostly ate that way before diagnoses anyway.
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