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How long, in your experience, does Humalog stay active?

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I'm sure this questions has been posted many times before.

My experience is about 3 to 4 hours, but it changes depending on other things.

What are your experiences with Humalog?

Thank you in advance for any input.
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I have my insulin action time set to 4 hours on my pump. Sometimes I think that's too long but when I changed it to 3 hours I ended up with too many lows. Minimed allows that to be set in full hours only, which is annoying. I'd set it to 3 1/2 if I could.
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I'd agree about 3.5 hrs from when i start my meal, but i pre-bolus about 15 min...so maybe a bit closer to 4.

I'm fiddling with novalog, and i find that hits me much harder and swifter than humalog...

lori ;)

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i find humalog tends to wear off at the 3.5 hour mark most of the time.
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Not an easy one to estimate. Seems the time of the day affects it also. For me, shorter duration mornings to afternoon, longer late in the day through the night. About 2 1/5 hrs to 4 hrs late.
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not more than 4 hours,say anything btwn 3.5 to 4 max.

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my pod was set at 3 1/2 at first and then I had some lows if I bolused again soon so I moved the setting to 4 hrs and that has worked out much better.
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