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My 3 year old living with Type 1 Diabetes

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:confused: My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed on Sept. 8, 2009 with type 1 diabetes. At that time she was just 2. How does a person cope with this and will they ever get over the shock of their baby sick and there is nothing I or We can do to make them better?



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Welcome hannahsmom! Glad you found the forum. I'm sure her diagnosis was quite the shock to your family.

There are many here who've been diabetics since they were very young children, hopefully they'll chime in and share some of their experiences.

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There's everything you can do to make them better. Admittedly you can't cure her disorder, but you can manage it carefully and she can lead a normal healthy life. There are many T1s here who've been since childhood. I have a grandniece who was diagnosed before her first birthday and she's now a happy thriving 10-year-old who's already worn out one insulin pump.

Try not to define Hannah by her condition. She's still her sweet self and she happens to have diabetes, but diabetes shouldn't become her primary identity.

So welcome to the board, and there will be many others coming along who know so much more about this than do I.



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I would think the best thing you can do for your daughter is educate your self in all aspects of her condition, this will be the best way you can help her. You then can pass on all of your wisdom to her as she grows up. I feel for you. Education will take care of most of the mystery and the worry of not knowing for you.
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My heart and prayers go out to you because I know how you feel. My daughter was born in 1969 with Hydrocelphlis. You want to take their pain and discomfort and feel that it is terrible that you are healthy and this had to happen to them. God bless you and your child.
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I was diagnosed at age two as well. From what my parents told me, you just learn to cope with it and do what is necessary. Right now it is probably the wrong idea to think your baby is sick, because she is not. She has a very manageable disease that millions of people live with daily. With good parenting, and the introduction of diabetes and its effects to her early, you'll be fine.
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Even as an adult type one I seem to need extra hugs. Especially on the tough days. Lucky you caught it early. I had a Mom that did not believe in doctors. I suffered for years with fainting and anorexia. Now I am much more sick because of it. May I suggest a skidaddle bag?
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Hello there welcome to our community. I know it is difficult for you and your daughter to adjust to diabetes. I was diagnosed when I was 6 years old, in 1945. I have lived 64 years with m diabetes and I am very healthy, with a wife, two sons and two grandchildren. I have lived a full, happy life with no regrets. Your daughter will too!

Not much was known about diabetes while I was growing up then but my family and I managed to deal with it, mostly by trial and error. Now you have modern day technology and diabetes specialists to help you. There is much knowledge about diabetes available to you. You have chosen a good diabetes support group to give you advice.

I am going to send you a private message. Look for it in the upper right corner of this page. Good luck to you and your daughter!

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Welcome Hannahsmom.

I was frightened being dx'd at age 40, I can't imagine how you must feel having a 2-year old dx'd at such a young age. But.......once you educate yourself and your family about Diabetes, things will eventually smooth out for all of you.

I know someone who's daughter was 8 months old when she was dx'd. She's now 9 and has been pumping for about 5 years now. She's doing great, and one day, Hannah will too!