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When does your blood glucose level peak after a meal?

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How long does it take for your blood glucose level to peak after eating a meal? I've been testing my 12 hour fasting levels each morning since I started lantus 10 days ago. Before going on lantus my fasting levels were around 250. I started off with 14 units each day around 6:00 pm and this only lowered my levels to the low 200's. I gradually upped my dosage each day and my levels kept coming down. I'm now at 35 units of lantus every day around 6:00 pm and my blood glucose 12 hour fasting levels are now around the high 90's. I now have the dose perfected to get the proper fasting levels and I now want to start testing my levels after meals which again leads to my question as to when you would normally see a peak in bg after meals?



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Some foods cause you to peak later...pizza for instance. I can eat it and have a good 2 hr post meal reading, but at the 3 hr it goes high.

Doc usually recommend testing 2 hrs after the first bite, as that's the time it usually takes for a non-diabetic to return to their pre-meal level. Our goal is 140 or less at that point. Personally, I don't worry as much about my peak on a daily basis as I do the 2 hr reading being at a acceptable level, though I will check at regular intervals when testing a new food.

You could find your peak by eating and testing at 30 minute intervals after that meal.

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With most foods you'll be the highest after 1 hour. High fat or really high protein can delay the peak.. but it's different for everyone.
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Generally, I'll peak one hour and fifteen minutes after the first bite or so.

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It is not at all unusual for my two-hour number to be higher than my one-hour number (or for my one-hour number to be slightly lower than my pre-meal number).
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Since I just tried that today at lunch after using the more suggested two hour timing, I can say that my 1 hour reading was higher by 18 points than my 2 hour what ever that meant.

Its been explained to me at times that the two hour is more indicative of where your body is settling in with the carb intake rather than a brief quick peak so a more averaged reading?



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I typically peak around 90 minutes. Sometimes earlier or later depending on what I eat, but that's the norm for me.


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