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Losing hair

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Has anyone started losing hair? I have my numbers in the 80-90 and my hair will not stop thinning out. I'm so sad right now and my doctor told me if my numbers were good the hair loss would stop. It hasnt yet for 5 weeks now. Can't see myself bald but anyone else dealing with this?



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two thoughts.

metformin side effect, and vitamin b12 def.

(which could be from the met)

I have seen this happen a few times with people.
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I noticed quite a bit of hair loss just before diagnosis, but it has resolved since then, though I still don't have the full head of hair I had when I was younger.

There are quite a few things that can contribute to hair loss: medications, thyroid problems, low iron levels, crash dieting, anesthesia, aging and heredity. We've had some posters say that since starting metformin they have had hair loss.

There are medications to help with this, but you'd want to r/o any underlying medical problems first.

It seems many diabetics have problems with thinning hair.

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I think your hair cycle changes from becoming ill, it takes some time to see it stabilize. But I also think it WILL stabilize.

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Since I got my Bg's under control my hair grows like a weed. So do my nails




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I lost TONS in the months following my DX as I stabilized.. luckily it's stopped. And it's regrowing. I'm also seeing real weakness in my fingernails - I assume it's from the extreme stress of being sick (my dr loves to tell me how sick I was. I get it. I swear)

Anyway, it seems to be better, but huge amounts of stress can do it to you.
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I am newly diagnosed and the one thing that I noticed was ALL the hair I would find in the shower after washing my hair and in the hairbrush itself. I have never had a problem with hairloss up until now...so you are not alone on this one. My hairloss started before I was actually diagnosed and before I started any kind of medication so I personally can't blame the Metformin on this. I just hope it stops falling out...and soon!



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me too but I think it is the thyroid not metformin because I started to noticed when I was dxed 5 years ago and I wasn't on metformin but avandia, yikes.




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Shortly after I was diagnosed I found that my hair was falling out, not in clumps, but just generally falling out much more than usual.

When i was diagnosed it was the first time my body had been under any real stress.

Since then, i've found that whenever im feeling stressed, mentally and physically, i notice that my hair is falling out.

So if there's anything that you're going through at the moment, changes in routine or BG's settling down, anything that could cause extra stress on your body, even if you don't actively "feel" stressed... this could be the reason.

Im going through it right now... Im having problems with my eyes, double vision which is making me very tired by lunch times, difficult to concentrate for the rest of the day after that.

For me, i've prooved my own theory to myself because at a diabetes review yesterday my blood pressure is UP. 120/88. which is high for me, it's normally 116/75! She said she'd put it down to stress as well.

Something for you to consider!

Hope it helps.
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Low iron can also cause thinning hair
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Same thing happened to me a couple months after I was diagnosed. Lasted for about 5 weeks, pulled out about 50% before it stopped. Now half the hair I have goes down to the middle of my back...the rest is about 2 inches long, looks like a freakin' mullet! Everybody at the supermarket gives me that LOOK...like maybe they saw me on an episode of COPS. :cool:




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My hair was thinning and my my nails were like brittle onion paper prior to diagnosis. That all stopped when I changed my diet and improved drastically when I started meds.

I know how you feel, though. Very disheartening, especially if you've never had the problem before. Be patient. It could very well reverse itself when you stabilize.

Chin up.

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Recently, my stress levels have gone way up and so have my bloodsugars, and in equal proportion my hair seems to be falling out. It's like adding insult to injury at this point. I've been on Metformin for years and never knew until this site that apparently it can contribute to hair loss. I can't say I've noticed that myself, but certainly when my diabetes is out of control I notice my hair starts to fall out. It takes time, but the cycle will usually eventually reverse and your hair will start to come back in. If you have access to health care, I'd see your doc, and be emphatic about getting some real support with this beyond being told to go buy a box of Rogain! I've had poor results with doctors and the hair loss question in the past. Since I'm a woman, hair loss always seems to bet sloughed off onto something FEMALE without ever checking for any other explanation. I feel your pain. Thinning hair and hair loss is a real self-esteem killer.
:) Cydnie
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