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No More Popeyes Fried Chicken...

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Hi Guys,

I had to let go one of my favs since I was growing up , the spicy fried chicken from Popeyes. So, I decided to binge on 6 wings yesterday and a small mash potatoes with gravy, after 2 hours I was sitting still in front of my computer and boom my heart started racing and became instantly light-headed. My heart rate settled down after an hour after the episode but returned within the same hour again. I pretty much know it was the extremely sodium shock that I experience that produce the eventual spike. I bought low sodium bacon from oscar meyers today and will cut the high sodium foods out of my diet. Was a wake up call...




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Maybe it was the sodium, but maybe it was the breading on the chicken (was it breaded?) and the mashed potatoes & gravy. Did you check your numbers when it was so extreme?


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I have been using Soy Flour to bread our nightly fried chicken. Have to keep pieces thin, as it browns quickly - BUT it tastes good and there has been no problem from this meal with my husband's BG.

You could search on the internet and I am sure you can find the ingredients to re-create PopEyes at home using Soy.


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As someone with Diabetes I would first suspect an high BG -- especially after mashed potatoes and gravy. Did you test your BG?

Don't Popeyes have un-breaded chicken?




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When my BS goes up to fast and high my heart races,, sodium, hum never thought that would do it...
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I've heard MSG will do that too ...

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I've never had Popeye's chicken, but I have had KFC chicken. If you like chicken, have you tried KFC's grilled chicken? It's pretty good. I wouldn't recommend their fried chicken because they are now using that zero trans fatty acid oil, and that stuff tastes terrible. I decided to try their fried chicken once (I usually get the grilled chicken), and it tasted so bad and smelled so bad that I threw it away. The grilled chicken isn't as juicy as their fried chicken is, but it's good and it doesn't spike my numbers much.

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I love the grilled chicken from KFC but the problems are in 2 folds, one is the fact that they are expensive without much meat secondly, if you happen to leave it overnight it will taste like a concrete brick the next morning. I do try to eat the grill chicken at KFC so when it's hot and soft. But nothing beats Popeyes, and yes, they did have a grilled version but went off the menu co their fried chicken was so much better. I swear you can smell the sodium from the chicken.

You guys can check it out like I did at calorieking.com. That website was a God-send and super informative.