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Omega 3s and "thin blood"

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This is just an anecdotal comment coupled with something picked up while reading. There is a general recommendation that people do not eat more than 3g of EPA/DHA omega 3s in a day. Normally I don't, but this Sunday..

I was not planning on eating any oily fish this Sunday so supplemented my diet with 3 fish oil tabs, for ca 900 mg of n-3s. That night, my wife gets an urge to cook salmon and does so; she's found a good supplier of wild Norwegian salmon. Two hours later, when I prick myself, my blood no longer forms a nice little ball. It's really "fluid" and doesn't want to pool.

Omega 3s thin the blood in the same fashion that aspirin does. That's pretty much a given. But I'd never though I'd see such a dramatic effect just from eating a little oil and some fish.

This morning my blood seems perfectly normal. But I think it's something to watch, and I'm pretty sure it's the reason that the upper bound is supposed to be 3g of n-3s a day.

On 2/10 was hospitalized and diagnosed:
type 2 diabetic with chronic tophaceous gout.
initial RBG: 292 mg/dL; curr: 85-99 mg/dL
wt (2/10): 262 lbs; curr: 175-185 lbs.
H1C (2/10) 7.8% (5/10) 5.3% (8/10) 5.3%
diet: modified ADA (15-30g carbs/meal, 4 meals/day).
5g ALA/day via diet (2 tsp flax seed oil a day), plenty of collard greens & spinach.
1-2g DHA-EPA/day via diet: sockeye salmon, sardines, jack mackerel, mussels



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Interesting. I work for surgeons, and we tell our surgery patients not to take fish oil tablets just before and after surgery because of its blood thinning properties.

T2, diagnosed 8/31/06.
Meds: Metformin-ER 500 mg twice daily, HCTZ 12.5 mg every other day for BP Enalapril 20 mg 1 daily (ace-inhibitor)
Diet: I eat to my meter, generally eating 75-100 carbs/day with the occasional splurge.