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supplements - alpha lipoic acid and evening primrose

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miss djax

miss djax


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ok so dr b thinks those 2 supplements can help.

so i bought some at trader joe's. anyone have any experience wtih either one? how long til i should notice a difference?

at a minimum the alpha-lipoic acid should be good for my skin ;)
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I take 2400mg of ALA and my wife takes 1200mg per day. I haven't taken the evening primrose. The ALA seems to help. I was initially taking it for neurapathy and it did help.
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I take the ALA, too. I have not had problems with neuropathy, but thought I'd try it. I take the R-ALA with biotin because R-ALA affects your body's supply of biotin. If the ALA you are taking does not contain biotin, you might consider taking a separate biotin supplement.

I also take a vegetarian Omega-3 (chia oil), but haven't tried the evening primrose oil.

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I've been taking Insulow for about two months now. I have found that it really helps with glucose uptake. I spike far less and my BG returns to "normal" in about two hours, instead of my usual almost-three hours.

I follow Dr. B's recommended dosage of two capsules three times per day (about every eight hours). The Insulow bottle recommends the dosage a bit differently: 1-2 capsules (related to carb level) 15 minutes before a meal.

I'm very pleased with it and noticed its effects within a day of starting it. I've only just added the Primrose Oil Capsules recently, so I'm unsure as to the effects of that, but Dr. B says it enhances the r-ALA in the Insulow.

Oh! And I agree with Barrie, take the Biotin if using ALA. The Biotin is included with the r-ALA (superior to ALA, by the way) in the Insulow capsules. Biotin is good for skin and nail health too.

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A lot of people take ALA for neuropathy and I've heard that it works for many - not all.

I'm taking it as an experimental supplement cuz it apparently can bring BG numbers down a little, but nothing major to report as yet.

Evening Primrose Oil is great IMHO, but haven't had a use for it since menopause.

It seems to me that some supplements work for some people - perhaps if those people have a deficiency? If it won't do you any harm, then it's worth trying for a while.




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Wouldn't be without my Insulow! Insulow is the r-ala with the required biotin. R-ala is much more potent than regular ala (google the differences between the two).

I follow the 15 min. before meal protocol and find it is helpful even if I only have 6 or 12 carbs.

I take EPO and truthfully, because I take so many other supplements, can't tell if there is a difference. But I wouldn't want to be without my GTF, Benfotiamine, Omega 3's, Phosphadidyl Choline, Resveratrol, Niacin, B's, Co-Q10 and the rest of em either:eek:


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I take ALA for my neuopathy and it helped quite a bit tho I still have reduced pain most of the day. I also take Evening Primrose Oil to help with cholesteral and lowering blood pressure. :)