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best time to take metformin?

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In your opinion, what time of day would be the optimal time to take 500mg of slow release metformin for maximum effect?

Thx in advance for all answers :)
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Depends. Personally, my a.m. numbers are most problematic, so I take it at bedtime (around 10 pm). If you're worried about potential symptoms, bedtime might be good as well, as you'll be sleeping and not as aware of any nausea or stomach problems you might experience. BTW, I'm on metformin ER 500 mg twice/day.

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I take 2000 mg/day of Met ER and split it by taking 2 in the morning when my feet hit the floor and 2 at bedtime. I accidentally skip that bedtime dose at least once a week (insert forehead smack here) but find that makes absolutely no immediate difference in my readings ... even for the one taken in the middle of the night ... but that I will get slightly higher numbers within the next day or so. I don't think Met is like aspirin (which enters your system and has a quick effect) -- I think as long as you feed it into your system on a regular basis that it does it's job and that when you take it probably isn't all that important as long as all the mgs get in there each day. At least it seems that way to me.

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When it was first prescribed for me, I took 500mg of the ER in the morning with breakfast.....had some DP so dr added night dose, which I took at bedtime. When my rx was renewed by my new dr, I got the regular met, but I still take it at the same times.
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I've always taken mine with breakfast and dinner (evening meal).



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It's always best to take it with food. If I were to only take it once, I would take it in the evening and hopefully that will help your fasting numbers to be lower.

I take Metformin twice a day 1,000 mg each time.

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