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Cesarean (C-Section) at 36 - 38 weeks or wait full term?

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I was hoping to get some advice from others who has gone through this. This is my first pregnancy (Type I for over 20 years). I was told by my Endo and my High Risk OB to have baby between 36-38 weeks given the higher risk of still birth if I go full term (40 weeks).

I'm 34 weeks now ( yeah!! :) :), baby is doing well and weights 4 pound which is within normal range. I check my sugar 8-10 times a day so my HBA1C has been good (5.2 - 5.7 throughout). I have scheduled the elective C-Section at 38 week and 3 days. Is that too late?

Just wondering what the norm is for Type I moms..

Thanks! look forward to hearing from you.




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I had the same debate. My daughter is 7.5 months old and I am now preggo with #2 (13 weeks). I was induced at 37.5 weeks and told that I could wait, but I was worried about possible issues and decided to be induced. After 42 hours of labor, I ended up having a c-section. I have friends that have been induced and not needed a c-section, as well. My daughter had turned face up and wouldn't descend. Now, with my second, they are recommending that I just schedule a c-section or wait to go into labor and I have to make that decision. Most likely, we will have a scheduled c-section at 37 weeks. My daughter was 7.5 pounds and went down to 6.5 after a day. I am sure that depending on all the factors with your baby and you, they can always reevaluate, if necessary.

I don't think that date sounds too late. If you are being monitored closely, they had me going weekly or twice a week for fetal monitoring post 32 weeks, they will catch if anything is abnormal and reschedule the c-section. It sounds like your numbers have been great and that is all you can do. I have been Type I for 25 years now and was in the same range for A1C during pregnancy (first and current).

Good luck and I am happy to help, if you need anyone to chat with.




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The earliest I'd have mine (unless something showed up on biweekly biophysical profiles from 32 weeks on) is 38 weeks. I'm not scheduled for a c-section, I've been told there's no valid reason for that, based on my anatomy and the baby's, there's no unusual risk for requiring a c-section but keep in mind I've got a team of high risk docs taking excellent care of me.

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The thread title caught my eye.
I was not diabetic when I had my children at 34 and 38. However, the size was an indicator that I may develop diabetes which I did.
My first was 11lbs, 2oz. They determined she was probably too big to go through my pelvis. So, I had a C-sect at 41.5 weeks.
My son was smaller, only 9.2. For a couple of reasons my OB and I opted for a scheduled C-sect at 38.5 weeks. Everything was fine and my baby boy is now 6ft. 5in. Now he scheduled me ahead of my due date so I wouldn't go into labor.
I am not sure how my story impacts you, but I hope it helps.

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Well, the date sounds fine to me, type 1's usually dont go over 38/39 week mark I was told. they are either booked in for c-section coz baby is too big or other reasons or they are induced at around 38 weeks! Definately not a good idea to go to 40 because of placenta issues. You might go into labour before c-section date which would be great wouldnt it! Why dont you get induced at 38 weeks instead? Ive only ever delivered naturally, not that bad. If baby is a giant I would opt for c-section though.



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I don't know how much I can help because I have never made it to that point. I am currently 15 weeks with my third pregnancy. I went into labor with my first at 31 weeks, was stopped and then induced at 32 weeks for toxima. She was 6 lbs 13 oz and I had her naturally because the hospital I was sent to decided she was small enough and I didn't need a c-section like my reg OB had planned. My 2nd pregnancy my daughter was delivered by c-section at 35 weeks and was 10lbs 9 oz. We watched her much closer than the first pregnancy and the doctor did an amnio and decided she was ready and too big to wait. We had always planned on 37 weeks for both of them, but just never made it and they would have been really big at that point. As long as your doctor is closely monitoring you and the baby it will be an easy decision even though it may be earlier than planned. I had to go every week for testing with my second and that was how my decision was made.