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WHAT DOES A1C of 11 mean?

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Can some explain what an A1C of 11 means? I am newly diagnosed and new to this forums. Thanks.:confused:



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Welcome to the forums! :wavey: A1C is a test that measures a 3 month average blood sugar. An
A1C of 11 is equal to an average 3 month blood sugar of 310.

T2, diagnosed 8/31/06.
Meds: Metformin-ER 500 mg twice daily, HCTZ 12.5 mg every other day for BP Enalapril 20 mg 1 daily (ace-inhibitor)
Diet: I eat to my meter, generally eating 75-100 carbs/day with the occasional splurge.



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Who told you your A1C?
If it wasn't a doctor get ye to a doctor asap.

11 is not even close to a good number and borders on dangerous.





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Just as a reference - that number is very high... I used to donate blood, so that's how they found my blood glucose (BG) level to be "off"...

So when I was initially diagnosed, my daily average was around 100-120...

With some weight loss (that I needed), and with oral medication - I was able to keep an A1C around 6 for more than a dozen years.

dx Type 2 in 1998

Received Minimed Revel 723 BLACK 6/10/2011, Pumping Humalog since 6/29/2011.

Received Minimed Paradigm 751 BLACK 7/2/2015 Pumping Novolog since 1/1/2013



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It means you are not metabolizing blood glucose. Get to a doctor IMMEDIATELY -- you might be ketotic, which is life-threatening.

[B]Jan A1c 6.3/B]
Jul 09 ... C-pep 1.3, GAD-65 > 30
Mar 10 C-pep 2.8 (20 g carb); GAD 3.2
dx 02/09 in DKA

Levemir 12U per day; novolog PRN TDD ca 16U
MetforminXR 1000 mg BID
Ramipril 5 mg
T4 112 mcg
Chia oil
Vitamin D3, 4000 IU
Eating 20 - 45 g carb per day ovo-lacto-vegetarian
Walking 30 min 6x week



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Can some explain what an A1C of 11 means? I am newly diagnosed and new to this forums. Thanks.:confused:

Hi welcome to the forum.
Sorry to hear about your recent diagnoses.
An A1c needs to be 6.5% and less if possible without to many hypo's
So your 11% needs to gradually come down with the correct carbohydrate and insulin intake for your needs.
Things will be very overwhelming to start with so just take one day at a time.

Type 1 diagnosed 1965 Animas Vibe pump user.



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Hi RDinwiddie. I'm glad you've found us. That T1 diagnosis must have come as quite a shock. If you're frightened, confused and fuzzy-headed don't worry - I think we all started out there. As you gain understanding and experience, those feelings will diminish.

Your A1C and diagnosis mean that you should immediately be using insulin to bring that very high blood sugar down. Has your doctor prescribed it yet? I use Levemir and Novolog - what are you using? You should also be testing your blood sugar frequently and using the information to make decisions about food and insulin use.

Let us know a little more about how you came to your diagnosis, what your doctor has recommended, and how we can help!

All the best