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What to do about cold feet.

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I am either Type II or pre and as a result of a broken ankle have been in a wheelchair for a month. Suddenly my feet are always cold and I suspect it is from circulation problems related to high BG. Obviously I will be having a lot of questions, but for now I have one specific issue in mind. What can I do to make my feet feel warm again. Is it a matter of enough insulation? What about warm baths? I don't seem to have lost tactile sensation.




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pg 106...101 tips on Foot Care for People with Diabetes by Jessie H. Ahroni, and Neil M. Scheffler 2nd edition 2006

" Many things can cause cold feet. It may be a sign of poor circulation, but it is not a relieable sign. If you think you have poor circulation, have your feet evaluated by your health care provider.

The best thing to do for cold feet is to wear one or two pairs of thick socks or warm house slippers by check to be sure that your shoes are not too tight. You can try the thin silk socks that are worn under regular socks for added warmth. Getting up and walk around or getting regular exercise helps keep your feet warmer, too.

Do not use heating pads or hot water bottles on your feet. Don't sit too close to a space heater, fireplace, or campfire. If you have any diabetic nerve damage, you cannot feel when your feet are too hot or getting burned, and you could be badly injured.

In addition to making your feet feel cold, nerve damage can affect blood flow and sweating in the feet. People with these problems are not able to release heat from their feet by dilating blood vessels the way someone without nerve damage would. It's best to wear socks and move around from time to time."

If you have a cast on your feet, those slipper socks generally will stretch well over a cast. In addition, taking a bath with the cast is going to be a hassle in and of itself; and it might only last for a bit after the bath anyways.

Even in a wheelchair you can do some exercise. WiiFit if you have it, the boxing can be done from the sitting position, and gives you a sweat. There is also chairdancing. Chair exercises can be looked up online.

I assume you are in the process of discovering your diagnosis. If you do get the diagnosis of diabetic, I would recommend getting a podiatrist on your health care team if your insurance will allow it...and, after your ankle heals see him about care in the future.
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At the beginning of my diagnoses, I had pretty cold feet no matter what I wore to sleep during the fall and into the heart of the winter. Then when I started taking my diabetes seriously and taking my meds regularly and exercise it slowly went away. For me, it was poor circulation but please have your doctor take a look at it. Check you BG via meter and get a blood test if you can fast.





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You know I have been suffering from very cold feet, too. I have always been a person who wears socks to bed, 365 days a year. I could be buck naked but don't touch my socks. In the winter, my feet were so cold they actually hurt enough to wake me up. This was with 2 pairs of socks on. Finally, my husband gave me his wool hunting socks and I put those on over my other 2 pair. It helped for a bit. Maybe 2 weeks. I sought medical attention and a vascular study was performed on my lower extremities. That was as fun as a fly in your soup. The study showed no abnormalities whatsoever. I still don't know what it is. If I have the ceiling fan on in addition to the a/c (for those super hot nights we've been having) I have to cover my feet because the cold air from the fan is unbearable. Mind you, the rest of me might be sweating, but not my popsicle toes. So weird. Wish I had an answer for you but I would definitely start with a vascular study to rule out poor circulation.
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Poor circulation will most likely show other symptoms as well, such as tingling sensations, 'pins&needles', and if bad enough, the little hairs on your toes (if you have any) will die and not re-grow.

Stick a nice thick pair of fluffy warm cosy socks on :D
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