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Calling Viet Nam Vets, RE: Agent Orange!

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Viet Nam Era GI's and Agent Orange!

I am very interested to know if there is any other Viet Nam era vets that have come down with Type 2 Diabetes, Neuropathy, Asthma (COD), and cancers.

While the VA is taking care of GIs who stepped foot in Nam, they are not taking care of us who NEVER went to Nam.

While I was at Fort Ord (1968), I was undergoing Viet Nam's induction training. Spent five days and nights in a jungle like area and a Viet Nam's mock-up of a village. We played war games all day!

There was this "funky" smell, and one of the recruits mentioned it to the DI, and we were all told to get used to that smell because it was agent orange.

It is interesting to note that the EPA has established a Super Fund for numerous forts and bases across the US, and Ord was one of them that needed toxic cleanup.

If you were at any base (any branch), have the above symptoms and NEVER left the continental US, please let me know. I think it is time that the VA and our government own up to what their use of agent orange in the USA has done to us.

For additional info on those bases exposed to agent orange and other toxins, SEE: [url=http://veteransinfo.org/epa.html]Military Sites on the EPA Superfund List[/url]

I look forward to hearing from my fellow vets.

Furthermore, see this site for the probable diseases that come from the agent orange exposure!

[url=http://rattler-firebird.org/va/agentorange/neuropathy.php]Agent Orange and Peripheral Neuropathy[/url]

[url=http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/benefits.asp]Agent Orange: Disability Compensation for Related Diseases - Public Health[/url]


As for the above sites, use your browser to cut and paste in order to reach the site.

I hope this post reaches a ton of Viet Nam ear vets that have come down with agent orange diseases while never going overseas.

Blessings to you,

Pastor Paul
Fort Ord 67-68




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I am a Viet Nam vet with type2. Diabetes does not run in my family. I do not think I was exposed to Agent Orange. I spent my time working in a hospital, Fort Hood, and did not play any war games in the woods. Gook luck on your quest.



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Sorry can't help
I was in country for 2 1/2 years.




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I know of one other member that was in Viet Nam who is now struggling with diabetes and other Agent Orange side effects. I hope he chimes in here and shares his extensive knowledge on the subject.
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I did two tours, my last one ended after the tet Offensive of 68. Before I forget, as far as I know, you can request an Agent Orange toxin screening from the VA. Which should eliminate any doubt as to your having any AO indicators in your system (they used to call them "triggers"). I have been dealing with AO since the 80's and it's managed to just keep getting worse. I've had "masses"..(they don't call them tumors) removed from my liver, my legs (2) next to the bone, and one attached to my hip. My advice to you is to INSIST on the AO screening, ya never know.