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How to lower my hemoglobin a1c naturally ?

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I just got back my blood test results
and my hemoglobin A1C is high 7.00
is there a natural remedy to lower that
any vitamins or pills ?
please advise




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The best thing for you to do is cut down on the carbs. Are you on medication right now?



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If you follow a low carb diet, you will be able (probably) to lower your A1c. That is what I do. You can try it for a while & see if it works for you.
I also tried some supplements like Bitter melon, but they did not seem to have an impact on me. YMMV




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A1C is due to glycation or damage to your red blood cells from sugar. There are theoretically a few ways to reduce glycation:
- Reduce overall carb quantity. Lower carb intake and up fat intake. Leave protein alone.
- Reduce sugar spices Many think spikes are especially dangerous.
- Reduce galactose and fructose consumption These sugars are supposedly the most glycating, and that means processed sugars, dairy, and fruit.
- Increase Antioxidants Antioxidants prevent oxidization, hence the name. Glycation is oxydization. It's not straightforward though. Simply pumping vitamin pills doesn't seem to work. It makes your urine healthy, but that's about it. I strive for a variety of natural vegetables and I splurge on herbs. I now grow my own herb garden since nature knows best. I believe farmed herbs are good, but not best. Antioxidants are believed to develop under conditions of stress, and farms try to reduce stress on crops.






On MDI and doing well. A1Cs range from 5.6 to 6.4. December 2016 was 6.1. 12 911's in my career; a few highs; lots of shots. Diagnosed Oct 19th, 1975.
Proliferative retinopathy March 1994, 4,000 laser, vitrectomy Oct. 2006. Vision 20/25 in right, 20/40 in left (slight cataract).



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Many of us use low carb diets , anywhere from 20-60 carbs per day. If you give up grains, fruits, pasta, rice, corn and cereals you may be able to lower it. Even on a super LC diet I still need medication, though. Sometimes it is our internalling signaling that messes up our bgs and only medication will correct it.
metformin ER 4x500
Moderate carb diet 75-100 carbs

Vit D, CoQ10, Melatonin, Multi vitamin, zinc, B 12
Chia Seeds , Flaxseeds, Hemp seeds, biotin,tumeric, Occuvite, chromium , magnesium, calcium and CoQ10

Exercise- Power Walking- 4-5 miles most days, Hiking in the summer on trails and in the mountains

diagnosed Feb 2007
Age 66
110 pounds



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Other than lowering carbs, you need to exercise daily. If you do not presently have a regime, you will be surprised at the difference an hour of walking (not necessarily all at once will make). If you are overweight, losing even a modest amount will help. If you are a fit individual who already keeps carb intake to a minimum, you will likely need meds. Don't hesitate to use them, keeping bg's at normal levels is important.
DX Dec4/08 FBG 19(342)
Dec4 /08 A1C 10.9
Feb.4/09 A1C 7.6
may4 /09 A1C 5.2:D
Sept 4/09 A1C 5.4
Dec 7/09 A1C 5.2
2010 A1C average 5.4
2011 A1C average 5.5
Current meds: 1500mg metformin, 5 mg ramipril, Victoza
Low carb- started at < 50 , now can handle 100