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Is Gluten Free better for prediabetes/diabetes or does not matter?

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I'm just curious if gluten free is good for us or does it not matter cause it is actually the carbs right and the sugars?
My Dr. is having me off gluten for a week for my test to come back because I have such bad bloating that it actually hurts.
They did a tummy ultra sound and everything looked good so she thought she would try this...
My numbers have been so good since i've lost now 8 pounds but this a.m. my fasting was 100 and probably cause I had carbs
from some crackers at 10:00 last night before I went to bed...still working out lots of kinks...I hope all is doing well here!




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Doesn't matter. Gluten is a protein and is related only to an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine that occurs in genetically predisposed people.


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so it is neither good nor bad for diabetics?
I may have some kind of gluten intolerance because I dont have many of the sympoms of Celiac but I do have a lot of bloating
and pain in my tummy as of late...been off most breads for a week and it seems better..Dr. told me not to eat breads at the least
till tests come back but just curious if it is better then whole grain bread for diabetes.



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Plain white bread v/s whole grain ? YMMV. Your meter will tell you.
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After cutting out all grains I have had significantly less tummy inflammation and discomfort. The same for my husband though it took almost a month of grain free to really feel better. Now when he has anything with gluten, he gets a VERY unhappy tummy.

I hope you figure out what is causing your stomach issues!
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so it is neither good nor bad for diabetics?

Diabetics are people. If that person has celiacs, then gluten is bad for them. If your question is whether it interferes with blood sugars, again if that person has celiacs it would not be surprising. Celiacs affects digestion, causes bloating, immune responses, all sorts of things. Illness will often compromise blood sugar control.
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I do eat gluten in my "meat analogues, typically once per day. The protein, not much starch. And I have experienced far less bloating by being otherwise grain- and legume-free. In my case I think it was the carbs, not the protein, but I am reading that non-celiac gluten sensitivity is increasingly being diagnosed.

All you can do is try and see how your body feels -- and maybe do an add-back and test, after a while?

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I gave up gluten about 10mos ago. I do not have Celiacs, but I was having some vague symptoms that went away completely after giving up gluten (GERD, joint pain, swelling, inflamation, etc). There is some interesting research linking gluten and inflammation even in people without an autoimmune response to gluten.
I find that controlling my BGs is much easier and I require less insulin than when I ate more gluten.
Eating the same amount of carbs of non-gluten foods compared to gluten foods, I spike much less.

If you're interested, I'd highly recommend the book "Wheat Belly" by Davis, which talks about research on gluten and hybridized wheat in general. That book was enough to make me confident in my decision not to eat wheat or gluten containing plants.

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I am not sensitive to gluten and can eat small amounts but I don't eat wheat products because of the bg spike I get from the carbs. There is also a whole continuum of sensitivities to wheat. So even if your test comes back negative you could be getting some inflammation from the wheat. One of the things I have noticed since giving up wheat is my belly is fairly flat now. That is something I never thought I would see at my age. There is a new book called WHEAT BELLY by Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist. He talks about all the illnesses that are caused or made worse by eating wheat.
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