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Can high blood sugar make you light headed/dizzy feeling?

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So i've been doing really good with my numbers lately and this evening decided to indulge in a pizza hut cheese stuff crust pizza.
I've had pizza but only thin crust but this was the thick filled with cheese crust..
I started out at 88 blood sugar and at two hours was up to 153 and 3 hours down to 138.
somewhere in there I started having some brain zap feelings, sorta like my head reel for a few seconds then disappear.
It seems bit better but i'm so cold and shakey feeling, like I've got a big chill.
I've not had a reading that high in months! I wont be eating that stuff again for a very long time..not worth it at all!
So any thoughts if this lightheaded feeling is from this higher numbers i'm not use to but why am I shivering cold?!
Even my blood pressure is running a bit high and I know it is from anxiety from the head zapping feeling..it will go down when I warm up.



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Sure, higher numbers can rattle you. Your body has now readjusted to the 'new' normal. Any out of the ordinary number can put it in a tailspin. Personally, I feel very sleepy & sluggish when I'm high.
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I think you nailed it right on the head!
I was light headed till about 2:-- a.m. when I got to the bathroom but when I woke up at 5:15 I felt better again.
Today I went to a new restaurant knowing I was going to have a hamburger and a very small shake.
About an hour or so later I was soooo tired and felt like I could just melt into the car seat...it ws sorta a
warm fuzzy feeling but the fact that I could not pull myself out it made it very distressing instead.
It has been hours ago and I am still feeling sorta icky from it all..
going to learn the hard way still on some thing..sigh.



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What you are experiencing is probably the result of your pancras producing way too much insulin and then your bgs crashing. When your body gets used to lower bgs and lower carb meals, it doesn't have to produce much insulin. So when you eat a meal like pizza, you need a lot more insulin. There are many health problems associated with producing too much insulin. It is called hyper inslumenia. After awhile you figure what you can eat and what you can't depending how your body reacts.
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