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Aching legs at night in bed

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Does anyone else have aching legs just at night when in bed? I am type 2 on Insulin



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Hi. Once very important question in regard to possible side effects like aching legs: what is your control like? Can you provide some kind of indication such as what blood glucose results you get through the day or your latest A1c?

How long have you had diabetes, and what is your history of control? Have you asked a doctor about this, do you detect any issues with sensation in your feet or legs, and have you been checked for neuropathy damage?
20 years T1. NPH and Novorapid.
Some essentials for my blood sugar control: dosing via i:c ratio and cf • basal testing when needed • daily 40 minutes moderate exercise (or close) • carbs somewhere below 120g currently • only eating carbs and carb/fat combos that do not cause a problem spike, with or without insulin.



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Sometimes, achy, restless legs can be a symptom of magnesium deficiency.

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Here a post from David Mendosa that recommends magnesium for muscle ache in diabetics

Magnesium: The Magical Mineral - Supplements - Diabetes



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If you are on a Low Carb Diet, Dr Atkins used to tell his patients to take a Vitamin E supplement right before bed. My mother experienced leg cramps while sleeping, and this simple cure worked for her.
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