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Is all insulin only good for 30 days.

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Just wondering I just started on a vial for Lantus and a pen for novolog



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That is why I use the pen. It is cheaper for me because I would have to throw away over 1/2 a vial each month. With the pen I use it up before the 28 days expiration date after opening. I do not know if all insulins have the 28 day expiration date.

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Both Lantus and Novolog are supposed to be used up in 28 days. Like Patricia said, the pens only contain 300 units of insulin, so it's easier to use up a 300 unit pen than it is to use up a 1000 unit vial. Of course, it all depends on how much you take each day. Right now I take 93 units of Lantus every night, so a vial would be okay with me, but I prefer the pens as they are easier to use, easier to carry with you and easier to dispose of than the syringes are.(I just throw the pens in the trash and the needle tips I place in an empty juice bottle with a screw on top.)

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I use insulin as a rescue thing so I don't use a lot.
I keep my bottles in the fridge.
I've had open bottles stay clear and effective up to 60 days.