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Has anyone heard of this? I stumbled upon it today while reading a blog called Mommypotamous. It's a diet designed by a doctor who used it to supposedly cure her son of autism. The goal of the diet is to heal your gut from all of the bad foods we've eaten as well as things such as antibiotics, being bottle-fed instead of breastfed, medication, etc. It claims to cure people of all types of conditions including fatigue, thyroid issues, stomach and intestinal problems, Celiac Disease and even type 1 diabetes. I have no idea how anyone could be cured of type 1 diabetes but this lady claims that it can happen. Over time, she says, you will require less and less insulin until you require none at all. Of course she doesn't make any claim that it will happen to everyone who tries the diet. She advises that people stay on the diet for at least 2 years. The diet looks a lot like a low-carb diet with no processed foods, lots of grass-fed and pastured meat and broth from the meats, vegetables, etc. It allows beans like lentils and navy beans but does not allow rice, starchy vegetables or anything with gluten. I've read a lot through paleo eating blogs and books that the health of one's gut is very important to maintain overall health and that most of us need a lot of help in that area because of the SAD that a lot of us have been used to eating.

In any case, I thought it was interesting. I try to look at things with an open mind and while I don't think it will cure my diabetes (how can you go from your body not making insulin for 24 years to suddenly being cured??), I think it may help in other areas. What do you think? Has anyone tried it before or heard of it? If you'd like more information just google GAPS Diet or Dr. Campbell-McBride.



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I heard about it after joining here a week & a half ago (looking into all the low-carb stuff) I ***have*** to eat Gluten-Free (was dx w/Celiac disease last Oct.) so I'm already halw-way there on some of these diets.

I also saw SCD (specific carbohydrate diet, I think)

Dr. Bernstein has something similar:

Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. A Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars. Official Web Site

I'm just trying to adjust to having T2 right now (although I am counting the carbs I eat)


I'm a T2 also diagnosed with Celiac Disease &

Aspergers Disorder.

April 2014 A1c= 5.5 :dancing:



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I have been following a Paleo diet for about 5 years. It has not allowed me to get rid of my Metformin, but I do feel very healthy. I never believe the claims some of these diets make.
metformin ER 4x500
Moderate carb diet 75-100 carbs

Vit D, CoQ10, Melatonin, Multi vitamin, zinc, B 12
Chia Seeds , Flaxseeds, Hemp seeds, biotin,tumeric, Occuvite, chromium , magnesium, calcium and CoQ10

Exercise- Power Walking- 4-5 miles most days, Hiking in the summer on trails and in the mountains

diagnosed Feb 2007
Age 66
110 pounds