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Insulin sensitive vs insulin resistant

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how do you tell which type we are. Can this be determined by the foods we eat and the PP testing and our FBG numbers also if the meds change our numbers ????
58 years old
HT 6`2
all time high 325 lbs.in 2005
DXed Type 2 2- 2012
A1c BG
8.8 268 2-2012 270 lbs.
7.3 170 3-2012 258
5.9 168 6-2012 240
5.7 149 9-2012 242
avg FBG 120 3-2013 243lbs
Century Senoir Multi-Vitamin
1x81mg aspirin
Lisinopril 1x 2.5 mg
Metformin 500x1 started 9 21-2012
500x2 started 10-19-2012
500x4 started 12-26-2012



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T2s are typically insulin resistant by definition. T1s may or may not be. If there are rare T2s who are found not to be insulin resistant they may be undiscovered MODY or T1. T2s are typically insulin resistant for years to decades but the pancreas is able to keep up. Only when the pancreas begins to fall behind do major symptoms arise. According to a recent study normal weight teenage offspring of T2 parents were found to be insulin resistant despite normal bgs and a lack of symptoms. It is entirely possible we are born this way. Until someone tests normal weight infant offspring of T2 parents we won't know for sure but thus far nothing contradicts the probability.

T2, diet and exercise, 5'11" and 152 lbs.
if I vary from a very low carb diet my bg can range from 50s-280s in one day despite a now barely normal A1C
under control at the moment thanks to low carb but diabetic for life



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Most T2's are insulin resistant. T2 and insulin resistance go hand-in-hand. Having said that, I would love to know just how insulin resistant I am but I don't know how one would know that. How much of my condition is insulin resistance and how much is it due to my pancreas being worn out? I'd love to know. I have a feeling It's a lot of both and I take a fair amount of medication with full dose Metformin, 30 units of Lantus and I workout a lot and eat very low carb. I recall my first visit with my endo where he shook his head and said, you are very IR.

So, I'd like to know, too. Anyone out there know if IR can be measured? Funny thing is, I have this NMR lipid panel that has 6 markers for IR and diabetes risk and my numbers for all 6 markers are so good that it classifies me as being very insulin sensitive and low T2 risk, lol.

A1c's: 1/11 9.4 ~ 3/11 7.9 ~ 6/11 7.8 ~ 7/11 7.6 ~ 10/11 7.5 ~ 12/11 6.4 ~ 3/12 5.9 ~ 6/12 5.4 ~ 9/12 5.4 ~ 12/12 5.3 ~ 3/13 5.1 ~ 8/13 5.5 ~ 10/13 5.4
Meds: 30 units Lantus - 2,550 mg Metformin
Diet: LCHF ketogenic, 30 to 40 carbs, dabbling in Paleo
Exercise: Lifting, walking, stair climbing
Weight Loss: 100.5 Pounds

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