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whole wheat pasta vs protein enriched pasta

- - - - - glycemic index pasta type i whole wheat

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Ok, so I thought whole wheat pasta was okay-ish and any other pasta was just as bad as white bread.

BUT THEN...I saw that protein enriched pasta (like Barilla Plus) has a glycemic index of 27!!! Actually lower than whole wheat pasta at 37.

So, should I switch to Barilla Plus or another type of protein enriched pasta, or stick with the whole wheat?

Some background info about me: 26 year old male, type I, slightly underweight for my size.



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If your T1, slightly under weight with good control and can bolus properly for pasta I owuld stick to whats working.
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I think you should test before and after meal to know the answer for you.

I'm a bit confused: you're Type 1 and looking for glycemic index? Isnt couning carbs and matching it with your insulin ratio a better way? But I'm not on insulin and maybe somebody else with experience could answer you better.

My own experience taught me that any pasta - regular, whole wheat, brown rice, protein enriched, etc - they ALL give me the same spike and sometimes it's hard to see it as it could come 3-4 hrs later after pasta!

And also I absolutely didn't see any difference between "whole" bread and pasta & brown rice and other "healthy" stuff vs regular white stuff BG wise. They could be healthier in other ways, but somehow I doubt it. Some of those "whole" things have high fructose syrup in them! And also ALL processed food is stripped of nutrients about the same way IMO. Unless you grow those whole grains and bake the bread and make pasta yourself. Oh and another thing I found out - those "whole" things sometimes need more chemicals added as preservatives because they spoil faster.

So I don't worry anymore about "whiteness" or "holiness" of my bread or pasta and eat white bread (in very limited quantities 10 carbs worth a meal usually only once a day) and shirataki pasta.

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All pasta is rather low GI because it digests slowly. I get my spikes at 3 and 4 hours with pasta. I don't think it matters the kind, if it is made with wheat flour it will eventually spike you. Some diabetics find the Dreamfields Pasta works better. But it still spikes me.
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Yeah, I find that the "white stuff" screws my numbers, even when I allow 15 min for the insulin to work before eating. Same with fast food. As for the "eating limited quantities" part, who eats just one serving of pasta, honestly?

In response to Jwags, I have tried Dreamfields and love it. So I guess I'll stick with that.

Thanks for the input everyone! :)