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No clear survival rate ......................

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Aspirin 100 mg


10 mg Cardiloc [Beta blocker ]


Losartan 12.5 mg


300 mg Pradaxa


Magnesium Citrate 800 mg


Multivitamin x 1


CoQ10 200mg.


vit D 2000 iu


Vitamin K2 M-7


40 mg Lipitor


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Bad news 66% of diabetics die of CVD or Stroke 5 - 10 years younger than life expectancy. Good news is that doesn't include your ability to hedge your bets with lifestyle changes and targeted screening of risk factors. According to the CDC (and probably similar figures from the WHO) the average recorded A1C of all diabetics is 7.8 meaning over half still have A1C's over 7 despite the preponderance of diabetes drugs. Given that atmosphere I would be surprised if a study showed any reduction in CVD death rates. The CDC does list those with A1C's under 6 as having the same risk of mortality as non-diabetics, which they admit this study didn't even take into consideration..

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Dx T2 12/21/10 A1C 7.3 Random 278
Lost 175 pounds walking 10k steps per day and eating according to the DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution.
Diet, exercise plus Metformin 500 mg twice daily


5/13/15 A1C 5.3 Lab

8/11/15 A1C 5.5 Relion Home Kit (Meter 30 day average shows 5.4 so it's all good)

2-16-16 A1C 5.6 Lab

6-7-16 A1C 5.7 Lab

12-15-16 A1C 5.6 Lab


Goal: "Keep my A1C under 5.7".

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Any study that does not take all factors into consideration I just ignore. I agree with samuraiguy.

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Unless I misunderstood what I was reading (which is entirely possible) it sounds like the study only looked at participants who died DURING the 301 studies conducted.  The studies were looking at the efficacy of various drugs to lower blood sugar, but this study put them all together and looked at how many died during the study??


Seems like hunting for meaningless correlations to me.


I also loved how they added that those T2 diabetics on basal insulin had higher blood sugars as if it was an effect of taking the insulin rather than a treatment.

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Bolus: Humalog Pen 8-12 units

Basal: Tresiba U200 24 units

March 2016: 6.2

June 2016: 5.9

October 2016: 6.6  Yuck! time to pay better attention

January 2017 6.0



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The only survival rate I am concerned about is mine ;-)
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Dx 2009 A1c 12.0 fasting 325
10/2016 Lab test 5.6
01/2017Home test 5.5
02/2017Home test 4.9 (???)
03/2017 Lab Test 5.7
Diet and Exercise Only
No Diabetes Meds

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