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Complexities of Diabetes Treatment: Type 1, Type 2 and the New PCSK9 Inhibitors

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Not a study.. but an interview that appeared in diabetes in control.. has to do with cholesterol and what is best level of LDL for type 2


Hint: it's way lower than you think


"Steve: So for those persons who are at risk for coronary artery disease, what was the number?

"Dr. Eckel:  Well, with diabetes, under 100 for primary prevention, that means there is no history of an event, those people with a previous event at least under 70 and perhaps under 55 based on Improve It now

But wait.. there's more


"but yet patients with diabetes often have heart attacks and strokes, and their LDL cholesterols may be 90 on maximum statin therapy. I think those people need a lower LDL. Now, how low it should go, whether we have a benefit that plateaus at 55 or 40 or 25, we don’t know yet. Secondly, long-term, I’m talking about 10 and 20 years of very low cholesterols like under 25, is that going to be harmful? We just don’t know that either. 








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I look at it like a flowing stream, the rocks are all problems. The biggest rocks that stick out of the water are my weight + diabetes. My BP is also a big rock. I have to lower the water to look at the smaller rocks. Even though my cholesterol is quite high, I consider it a small rock. 

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I think Dr. Eckel summed it up quite nicely with.... 'we just don't know'

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I think Dr. Eckel summed it up quite nicely with.... 'we just don't know'


I think we should defer to mathematicians and give it a complexity of O(n!).

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It's the insulin: http://www.tuitnutri...-insulin-1.html.


Studies have also shown that people with higher cholesterol live longer than people with low cholesterol especially for those of us who are over 65.

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Type 2. Diagnosed 12/2013. Last A1c 4.5. Average postprandial 86. Very little variability. Very low carb and metformin (2x500mg). Two meals a day with no snacks. Last updated 2/18/2015.



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Reminds me of blood letting, once thought to cure many types of ailments. If it doesn't work, don't reexamine the premise that it helps, just let out some more.

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