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VLCD/keto as treatment for fatty liver [nature]

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Two case studies. I found them interesting.

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It's interesting that a very low carb diet improved the liver to the point of no longer needing a transplant. 


My fatty liver is gone after losing weight via LCHF.  I was eating about 70g carbs per day back then.  It took about 8 months to get rid of the fatty liver, I had lost about 55 lbs. by then.  Mine was caused by diet resulting in obesity.  I didn't have any damage to the liver, but it was encased in fat.  HFCS is notorious for causing fatty liver per my gastro, in my case it was Pepsi.

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2013 a1c - 5.5, fasting 86

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2016 a1c - 4.8, fasting 76
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My liver panels are normal the last 6 years after near cirrhotic levels (doctor thought I was a heavy drinker despite being a teetotaller) I believe is due to eating LC and VLC and losing half a person in body fat.

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5/13/15 A1C 5.3 Lab

8/11/15 A1C 5.5 Relion Home Kit (Meter 30 day average shows 5.4 so it's all good)

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6-7-16 A1C 5.7 Lab

12-15-16 A1C 5.6 Lab


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What I wonder is where fatty liver and diabetes meet. I have never officially been diagnosed with diabetes in spite of one time having an a1c and daily numbers that would place me firmly in the diabetes camp, but I was diagnosed with fatty liver.


When I lost about 70lbs, my numbers were normal, and I could eat anything and post perfectly normal numbers, but...........as my weight crept back up, my numbers got progressively worse. Weight goes back down, numbers go back down.


Makes me think diabetes may not always be "just" diabetes. I see it as a group of conditions that in total lead to high blood sugar.

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