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It's Been A While but Still Going

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...it has been some 7 years since I last blogged on this website and it's time to check back in about how I'm dealing with the bear that lives in my cave--Type 2 Diabetes. So far so good and my routine blood sugar checks have me in the normal range. Just today, after running 6k in the heat and humidity of tropical Africa, I was at 86 about an hour after I finished. I also still run 10kms and half marathon races, along with training everyday and lifting weights. Nothing much has really changed for me other than I probably feel the best that I ever have--even before the diagnosis. As I mentioned one time before, many years ago, what worked for me was Diet, Exercise & Weight (DEW). I realize that this won't work for everyone but do give it a try--if your doc says it's okay. When I was diagnosed in January 2010 I made major changes to my life and within 3 months was off the one pill they had me on. 


And I have to thank the folks who put together this website and keep it going. All of you were my Rock of Gibraltar during a tough transition. Thanks everybody and I'll try not to wait 6.5 yrs before posting something again. 


All the best from Africa.  B)

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Congratulations on such an excellent job!
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Bardley - Thank you for the encouraging post.  I was diagnosed one year ago.  It was the catalyst to turn things around and pull myself together again.  It is a beacon of hope to see someone that has been down this path for so long is still successful.


I am at the point where I have reached my weight, exercise, A1C, and diet goals.  While that has been hard work, I believe the harder task is going to be to keep up with these habits and not allow too much complacency because of my improvement to date.

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I remember you Bardley and it is nice to hear from you again.  I'm glad that you are doing well and hope you continue to check in here now and again.

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