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ReliOn FastA1C Test At-Home A1C System

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Re: ReliOn FastA1C Test At-Home A1C System


Are there very many people here that are using a home system for testing A1c monthly?  I just read through a pound of reviews at Walmart and this ReliOn Fast system seems very iffy to me.  But then some complained about the product expiration date being expired.  So that could be a bummer.  Many complaints were about the results not being accurate.  I sure do like the idea of home testing every month.  And although I'm not keen on doing lab through doctors' orders, I know it's essential for maintenance.

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10 Jan 2017. Dx Pre-Diabetes.  HB-A1c 6.3, mg/dl 147, mmol/l 8.2
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13 Apr 2017. Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000 mg x 2 daily

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My personal experience with the Relion A1c tests has been...


Yes, check the expiration date on the box.  I have picked up one that expired but it was just 15 days over so I used it anyway.


The testing I have done seems to closely agree with the tests my doctor gives me.  They are usually within .2 difference.


The A1C test is subject to a .5 error in either direction so a 5 could be anywhere from 4.5 to 5.5


My goal is to get an indication as to how well I am managing my diabetes and I pay more attention to trends from month to month rather than get too hung up on 1 particular test (similar to the morning fasting readings).


It has taken time but I have learned to not get too hung up on individual readings.  Diabetes has many mental components and one of the largest ones is that it is the long game that has to be played and the trends are much more significant that any short term readings.


For example - Thanksgiving I had a traditional dinner with stuffing, some bread, corn, and mashed potatoes (all no no's).  The only good thing on that plate was the turkey.  I am sure the gravy had flour too lol...  Not surprisingly I tested at 170 a little over 1 hour after eating.  This prompted me to spend the afternoon on a 20+ mile cycle rid to burn up some of that.  For all of November, with that exception, I followed my regular diet and exercise plans.  My doctor tested my A1C as a regular diabetes checkup and it was 4.4.  The at home test was 4.6.  Not enough of a difference to quibble over.  So while being at 170 that one period horrified me, we can see that it didn't affect my A1C too much.  This is a perfect demonstration of how just a great A1C does not necessarily equate to good control as short spike will not have a great effect.


My goal is to stay under 5.5 so, either way, I am very pleased.

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I haven't bothered.  My A1C has been pretty stable for two and a half years.  I just pay attention to my daily readings and make sure they are in my desired range and go with every 6 months at the doctor for the official one.  Wish I could convince them to go for yearly instead, but the doctor starts threatening to not give me any more Metformin refills unless I do.

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10/6/2016 - A1C 5.2

Metformin ER 500mg x2, Daily Multi Vitamin, EstroSoy Plus x2

Dx T2 1/27/2014 - A1C 10.4

A1C History:  3/2016 - 5.1, 3/2015 - 5.1,  8/2014 - 5.2,  4/2014 - 6.7




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Keep in mind too that an A1C measures your average blood sugar over the past 3 months.  So testing each month has a 2 month overlap with the previous reading.  You might have had perfect control with an A1C of 5 this month, but if your previous 2 months were 7, the A1C is going to be ~6.33

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Bolus: Humalog Pen 8-12 units

Basal: Tresiba U200 24 units

March 2016: 6.2

June 2016: 5.9

October 2016: 6.6  Yuck! time to pay better attention

January 2017 6.0

June 2017 6.0




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I haven't used ReliOn, but I use A1CNow brand which I get off Amazon. I've had a good experience with that brand.  I usually test just before going to the DR. for an A1C test, and the home test is always within .1 of the lab result.  I buy a 2 pack.  I use 1 test in between my 6 month check ins just to track how things are going, and then the day of a lab test to "calibrate" the test.  I figure if the calibration result is close, then my other test should be reliable.

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I haven't used the ReliOn A1c test in quite awhile, but I did buy this batch of 10 home test kits from Amazon about a year ago.




I don't think I'll buy them again---I used them every three or four weeks, and the last tests I used gave me a result of 6.4.  When I had blood drawn at the lab, my result was 6.1.  I want to get it below 6.0, and I feel that at this point, my A1c is going to come down in such small increments that these home tests won't be accurate or sensitive enough to measure the small changes. 

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The Relion is just the Walmart re-branding of the same A1CNow device. I was also concerned with the reviews, but went for it anyway. After carefully following the instructions, I measured an A1C right in line with previous lab tests.

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