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  • I am a:Type 2

Hello everyone. i'm new to the forum. I'm hoping to meet new people and talk about natural ways of beating this disease



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Welcome Julia. There are a lot of people here managing very well with no meds at all, just naturally eating low carb foods.

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A1Cs at DX 2002 7.2 
7/14    8.8

10/14   5.2

1/15     4.8

4/15     4.8

9/15     5.2

3/16     5.4

9/16     5.6

4/17     5.2

7/14   Weight was 280    Now 222    58 pounds lost (so far) :D






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Hello everyone. i'm new to the forum. I'm hoping to meet new people and talk about natural ways of beating this disease

Hi Julia


Welcome to this wonderful forum where you will meet many people who are managing their diabetic condition holistically with the Keto diet and exercise.  Please tell us a little about yourself: for example, when were you first diagnosed and what was your last A1c score?



"It's never too late to be what you might have been."  George Eliot
 "When there is nothing to lose by trying, by all means: try."  W. Clement Stone
10 Jan 2017. Dx Pre-Diabetes.  HB-A1c 6.3, mg/dl 147, mmol/l 8.2
18 Feb 2017. Began Keto diet
03 Apr 2017. HB-A1c 5.4, mg/dl 114.9, mmol/l 6.4

13 Apr 2017. Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000 mg x 2 daily

13 Apr 2017. Vitamin D3 2000 iu x 1 daily



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The most effective treatment for a T2 is lifestyle. Diet is a major factor. I also agree with trying out a ketogenic diet. It has been extremely helpful to myself and others here.
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10/6/2016 - A1C 5.2

Metformin ER 500mg x2, Daily Multi Vitamin, EstroSoy Plus x2

Dx T2 1/27/2014 - A1C 10.4

A1C History:  3/2016 - 5.1, 3/2015 - 5.1,  8/2014 - 5.2,  4/2014 - 6.7




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Welcome to the forums. I don't think there is any magic bullet or panacea--if there was someone would have made money off of it by now--so in essences we are all our own guinea pigs when it comes to alternative remedies, i.e. begin "X" alternative remedy right before A1C test and then see if there is a marked difference in the next A1C as long as all other factors (diet, exercise, medication/insulin) are the same.

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Dx T2 12/21/10 A1C 7.3 Random 278
Lost 175 pounds walking 10k steps per day and eating according to the DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution.
Diet, exercise plus Metformin 500 mg twice daily


5/13/15 A1C 5.3 Lab

8/11/15 A1C 5.5 Relion Home Kit (Meter 30 day average shows 5.4 so it's all good)

2-16-16 A1C 5.6 Lab

6-7-16 A1C 5.7 Lab

12-15-16 A1C 5.6 Lab


Goal: "Keep my A1C under 5.7".



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Welcome to the forum Julia, lots of friendly and knowledgeable folks here to share b.g. management ideas.  How are you managing your b.g.?

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dx 2003

type 2


livin' life!




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I agree, no magic bullets.  I've pulled down my A1c from 12.6 about six months ago, to 5.0 in a matter of six months.  


Now, the caveat, that won't happen for everyone, no matter what is done.  


Second, diet is the most important thing.  The key is to keep carbs under control...  way under control, at least for me.  I don't know my exact number, but the ADA and doctor's office suggest I eat 165 grams of carbs per day.  I shoot for probably 60 to 70, and some around here do less than that, some a lot less.  


Keto diets, low carb diets, in my opinion give the best opportunity for results.  


Now to be fair, I did use the meds, Metformin and Januvia.  After my results on my most recent appointment, I was told to completely get off Januvia, and am now taking 1/2 the dosage of Metformin.  And it was suggested I may be able to remove all meds coming up.  


But there's no magic bullet.  Work hard, study, and see what works. 

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Metformin 2x 750mg (5/2/17, 1x), Januvia 1x 100mg, Lisinopril 1x 10mg. 

A1c dx 11/22/2016 12.6, 

01/13/2017 7.4

05/01/2017 5.0



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Julia - Welcome!


All these posts are great.  I have been fortunate in the sense that diet and exercise have worked well for me.  I was initially prescribed Metformin but have not been taking it for about 6 months.


Metformin, other prescriptions, and insulin should not be viewed as failure.  They are tools to help control diabetes.  The goal should always be to maintain control. These medicines can help along with the diet and the exercise.  That being said, as you can see, there is a real possibility that you can keep diabetes in check with diet and exercise.  It is possible and worth a shot.


If you find you need a little more help with medication, it is by no means a reflection of how well or how poorly a job you are doing.  The underlying causes of why you have diabetes will dictate this.


I hope you decide to join us regularly.  Look around the posts and you will find great advice and even better recipes. ~ Mike

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