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elevated protien microalbumin

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My big concern is microalbumin, slightly elevated protien being excreted. here's a link its complicated though . In any case I'm adding thiamine to the regime, its a b vit so water soluble, they have a synthetic thats fat soluble benfotiamine but expensive. Plan is 25 mg 4 times a day, see what happens I have a blood test for protien coming up so I'll hold off a month from taking the blood draw and see if it comes down. Coffee depletes thiamine and vit c as well and I take a lot of vit c. Can't follow what the experts are saying but it all has to do with too much glucose and wham there goes the thiamine. Maybe yes maybe no thought I'd pass it on.

Prevention of Incipient Diabetic Nephropathy by High-Dose Thiamine and Benfotiamine


July A1c 5.6

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