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erasing memory?

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I just read the PDF version of the manual here... and found nothing. Removing the battery does not erase stored results. But it only holds the last 50 results... so you could do 50 tests? Or failing that (assuming you are in the USA) try calling LifeScan Customer Service at 1 800 227-8862 ;)

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I have the One Touch Ultra 2. I tried removing the batteries, it didn't do anything. I purchased a program through that had the cabling from my meter to my PC so I could upload the results. With this program, I am able to erase the data whenever I want.


The program itself is pretty good. The only problem is that it categorizes every value into a pre- or post-meal. No room for random, before exercise, after exercise, etc. But it is a really good program aside from that.


Great graphs and charts with statistical data, which is important to me.

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Upon further review, this program (costs about $30 and includes the cable) will work with the following meters:


OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software works with the entire family of OneTouch® Meters:


OneTouch® BASIC® Meter (with data port)



OneTouch® BASIC® Plus Meter



OneTouch® Profile® Meter



OneTouch® II Meter



OneTouch® SureStep® Meter (with data port)



OneTouch® SureStep® Plus Meter



OneTouch® Ultra® Meter



OneTouch® Ultra® 2 Meter



OneTouch® UltraSmart® Meter



InDuo® Meter



OneTouch® GlucoTouch® Meter (with data port)



OneTouch® GlucoTouch® Plus Meter



OneTouch® FastTake® Meter (with FastTake® adapter)



OneTouch® SmartScan™ Meter (with SmartScan™ adapter)



OneTouch® EuroFlash® Meter (with EuroFlash® adapter)



OneTouch® PocketScan® Meter (with PocketScan® adapter)

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