Statins stimulate atherosclerosis & heart failure:

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I stopped taking statins shortly after my diagnosis when I learned that statins make glucose control more difficult in diabetics (along with increasing the risk of diabetes). In particular, in one study statins raised A1c by 0.6 on average. 


I had been following Doctors orders 6 years when I was diagnosed so now I think that statins contributed to my diabetes. Statins and the low-fat diet (high carb) diet was a big mistake and now I have to live with diabetes for the rest of my life. Criminal charges should be brought and people should go to jail.

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Is everything a load of bull all the way across the board? We all know how bad the advice is given to diabetics. What about heart disease, cancer, kidney failure, etc? Is the entire medical industry either corrupt or wrong?


A common problem across all forms of disease is dietary recommendations. For example, a low-protein diet may actually be required for kidney failure, but still, I would think such a diet should be high in fat and low in carbs. Especially since diabetes and kidney problems often go hand-in-hand.


I'd prefer a Logan's Run type approach. Guaranteed youth and health for x years, then report for recycling. That is probably what nature intended.

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