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      11 Nov

    Sorry I have been away for so long...RL just took the wheel for a while but I have put it in park and decided to stop at the best rest stop on the net....missed ya'll

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      08 Apr

    D2 for 2 years , A1C=9 before my meds and watching carbs aevrage numbers of 250 daily , now since Metformin and glipizide 500mg/20mg. and lower carbs my numbers average 100-140 .

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Pre-Diabetes Today, 04:16 AM
This isn't a question about diabetes, but has anyone ever had sciatica? Friday night I started having severe pain in my right buttock, right upper and lower leg, and right ankle. I went to Urgent Care on Saturday and the doctor said it might be sciatica. He ordered Ultram for pain and Mobic for i...
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epsoms salt alternative

Type 2 Diabetes Yesterday, 09:42 PM
I have an ugly blister on my right toe, right foot. I've been soaking the foot in Epsoms salt and using Polysporin with bandages. I've used up all of my Epsoms Salt. Is there an alternative soak  to use until I can buy some more Epsoms Salt tomorrow.
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Can someone explain this to me?

Type 2 Diabetes Yesterday, 07:59 PM
This is one crazy disease. I have been on a really  low carb diet now for over 2 months. My carb intake is under 50 grams a day and probably under 30. My sugar readings have been much improved but my low readings don't get real low, usually in the 1 teen or 120s range. My high readings aren'...
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Wine and blood sugar levels

Type 2 Diabetes Yesterday, 10:33 AM
Most of the information I read regarding drinking red wine seems to indicate that it may actually lower levels.  Last night, I had two glasses of wine with broccoli rabe and turkey sausage over a cup of whole wheat pene pasta.  This meal by itself has never raised my levels (small porti...
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Keto Italian Sausage Soup

Recipes 19 Feb 2017
I made this one today.   http://fluffychixcoo...schreiber-katz/   It tastes pretty good and I love the ratios.  Serving size was generous and I am stuffed.   I did add 1 diced green bell pepper as I wanted to squeeze a little more veggie in there.  My sausage was all mild...
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