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Increasing blood sugar

Pre-Diabetes Today, 06:58 AM
Hello I am prediabetic. My Ha1c ranges from 5.8 to 6.3 over the past two years. My fasting lab blood sugar ranges from 106 to 113. This morning I woke up very hungry. Did fasting scan and it was 114. I ate 5 average size marshmallows and one hour later it was 215. I washed my hands again ju...
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Just started on Toujeo, experience?

Type 1.5 Diabetes Today, 06:06 AM
Just got my diax from beeing type 2 for five years to now beeing type 1.5 (LADA). So my endo got me straight on insulin right away. This is the slow kind, wich is effective for 36 - 48 hours.   This is the first time I am trying insulin, has anyone else tried this kind before? It was the new...
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Sleep study / health issues

Scientific Studies Yesterday, 10:36 PM
http://press.endocri...10/jc.2015-2923 Our findings suggest that a misalignment of sleep timing is associated with metabolic risk factors that predispose to diabetes and artherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Work during the day, sleep at night. Or, maintain a consistent sleep cycle. How pee...
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Has anyone received their census forms yet?

Chit Chat Yesterday, 06:14 PM
I received a census form today, and all it was was a card that said to go online to fill out the census form.  Nope, I don't do online forms.  The card said that if you don't go online to fill out the form, then they will send you a form in the mail to fill out.  Okay, that's fine...
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Pumping U500

Pumping Insulin Yesterday, 04:20 PM
I'm an insulin dependent T2 diabetic and over the last few years I seem to be less and less sensitive to the insulin. I saw my endocrinologist a couple of weeks ago and she suggested that I'd use Humalog R U500 instead of the U100 Novolog I currently use in my pump.   Has anyone tried this?...
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