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      30 Oct

    Getting this DP under control is really a PITA!

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need help my numbers are out of control

Diabetes complications Today, 12:38 AM
I found out I was diabetic about 15 yrs ago since then I have lost over a 150 pds  but have had to increase my insulin intake for the last 2 months my legs and feet have hurt so bad I can hardly stand on them the doc keeps raising my gabapentin I am on 600mg 4x a day and says that the pain m...
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Rant+ Can't the Artificial Pancreas come soon enough?

Type 1 Diabetes Today, 12:36 AM
I am coming up on two and a half years on a medtronic paradigm 523 minimed, and have become burnt out by the same delirious routine. I am not really excited by the CGM, as it says that it is 15% within a fingerstick(s) reading. But then a fingerstick reading says it is within 15% of your actually...
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Got a job in Japan for one year

Introductions and Announcements Yesterday, 09:13 PM
Hi, My son will be working in Japan for a year and is a type one diabetic.  He will bring around 6 months supplies of insulin, test strips, and needles but I'm worried that he will have a problem getting his medication once he runs out.  Has anyone else been to Japan for a year?  W...
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What food do you miss the most?

Type 2 Diabetes Yesterday, 04:25 PM
I was given a box of homemade chocolate chip cookies by a teen girl I know.  I appreciated her gift very much but I can't eat them.  I broke a piece off of one and ate that, but gave my husband the rest as he doesnt have diabetes.   I got to thinking about what I miss most that is...
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Recently Diagnosed

Type 2 Diabetes Yesterday, 09:49 AM
I was just recently diagnosed. I got the prescriptions and the monitor. I am going to pick them up after work. I wanted to ask a dumb and straight forward question. How much do the medications help make you feel somewhat normal again. Will they stop my urination, feeling drained, itchiness, all t...
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