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      30 Oct

    Getting this DP under control is really a PITA!

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      19 Oct

    Washington, Washington. Six stories high, made of radiation. The present beware, the future beware. He's coming. He's coming. He's coming.

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Any recipes using powdered peanut butter?

Recipes Today, 10:35 PM
If you have any please post here. I saw this on the shelf and wanted to know if anyone uses this peanut butter powder. Thanks
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exercise BEFORE eating

Pre-Diabetes Today, 10:32 PM
I've read many a testimonal suggesting some light exercise after eating helps to temper blood glucose spikes.  What about exerise before?  I typically run before lunch and like to "reload" the glycogen stores after since that's the best time for the muscles to soak it up.  Any thou...
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Nervous for a friend

Chit Chat Today, 07:00 PM
A friend of mine is having her face taken apart and reassembled tomorrow.  I'm so nervous for her I can't even imagine how she's feeling.  She's got the worst case of TMJ I've ever heard of and this was the last resort.  They are doing a total replacement of both jaw joints AND det...
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Diabetes: What This Disease Can Affect

Type 1 Diabetes Today, 06:59 PM
Treating type 1 and type 2 diabetes today is a lot easier than in the past. Thanks to modern treatment methods and medicine, you will see that it is possible for diabetics to live a near normal life. However, living with diabetes is not always easy. You have to remember that this disease will not...
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My first attempt a low carb baking was...

Low-carb lifestyle Today, 06:46 PM
... not exactly a success, but given the ingredients I had on hand I'll consider barely edible a win.   I don't know why I felt I *had* to bake today.  Maybe because it was raining and the hubs was snoozing?  Dunno, but the cupboards were not well stocked. No eggs, for one.  F...
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