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skin rash, oil

Diabetes complications Yesterday, 09:59 PM
I dont know if this is related to blood sugar-I will explain b/c I want to know if anyone else has it. It could be from being overweight.   My thighs secrete a lot of oil (not sweat im pretty sure) that has a odor and is sticky. I've gotten a rash and my thighs and stomach rub together. I ha...
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Low-carb lifestyle Yesterday, 08:37 PM
I've heard to much protein turns into sugar-but how much is too much? My protein today according to a calorie counter was 63g. Fat 67, carbs 75, calories 1049. The fat and calories are higher than normal b/c of a bad choice  I made in buying a pre made hamburger patty frozen.
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Still working on flat bread

Recipes Yesterday, 06:38 PM
I have been working on finding the best way to make a flat bread for 6 months with some spectacular failures and a few successes.   I am pleased to say that today's effort was good for a no frills flat bread.     I had a punnet of mushrooms that went out of best use by date, yester...
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If not one thing, then another...

Young adults with Diabetes. Yesterday, 04:44 PM
Went to see my new endo and I found out I got my a1c down to 7.3 from 8 in April!! We made some adjustments to my pump settings trying to get my fasting bgs lower. Almost everything was great. When reviewing my blood work we noticed that I apparently have high cholesterol -____- seriously? I am a...
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metformin timing vs. daily bg fluctuations (call for stud...

Scientific Studies Yesterday, 01:01 PM
Anybody come across a study that looks in cyclical daily fluctuations in bg vs. timing of metformin dosage?   I am now taking met 3x850. I have found two things through experimentation and monitoring.   One is that my bg follows a daily pattern. For example, my bg is 100ish at 8, at 9 i...
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