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Freestyle Libre CGM

Monitoring Today, 03:16 PM
Hi Guys   A cousin of my from Germany, sent me the Abbott Freestyle Libre CGM. We still cant buy that in the US/Canada   He told me that its pretty good. I somehow didnt like it. But, maybe somebody else might find it usefull.   If you are interested message me and I can send you...
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Finally made it in

Introductions and Announcements Today, 11:38 AM
I'm in. The third time is  the charm to get registered!   I'm a type 2 diagnosed several years ago and love the information posted here.  I have been on low carbs for the past year and a half and have found it helps to cut the amount of insulin I need.   I have been regularly...
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Use it or lose it?

Type 2 Diabetes Today, 02:39 AM
Use it or lose it?   Nothing profound here, just some random thoughts given a recent post I read, combined with the following data points: Many folks and even Dr. B seem to promote insulin for some Type 2 patients at DX to give their pancreas a break. Many of us here as Type 2 diabetics, des...
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Pre-diabetes, a new definition proposal

Pre-Diabetes Today, 01:08 AM
Interesting article, the big health insurance companies would not agree, I think.   http://www.huffingto...=healthy-living
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hand cream and testing

Monitoring Yesterday, 06:21 PM
hand cream affects the meter readings.   I need to apply creams to some eczema patches and also moisturizer to hand and face because of the weather, the readings on the meter become really high.   can i just clean one finger with an alcohol swab to avoid frequent hand washing?   on...
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