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      10 Mar
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    Well, I have not posted here for a while. Last month I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and I have spent all of my time learning about it and having lots and lots of tests. You are such caring friends and I wanted you to know why you haven't heard from mr. Miss you all and hope you have a great day?

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Type 2 Diabetes Today, 01:56 AM
Saw the doctor today. Had to let him know that I had cheated on him and saw someone else. The changes to my medication plan were just as damning as the proverbial long blond hair found on a shirt. In short, my a1c is down. Just a little but I'll take that as a win. My a1c is 6.0 and my weekly bg...
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New to glipizide and Eating at night (Night Shift)

Dieting and nutrition for diabetes Today, 01:49 AM
My background:I just started Glipizide 2 days ago and we're trying to find what dose is best. My doc ordered 10 mg twice daily on top of 1000mg Met twice daily that wasn't working very well.. I dipped below 80 with the first dose (I've been running around 200 on just the Met), so we lowered...
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If you won lottery ?

Chit Chat Yesterday, 05:05 PM
What would you do if you had a mega win ?   This is a situation  I'd never experience...   The story began when workers within a courier company started a syndicate to play powerball & each put in $20 a week. Last year, one worker, the one that handled the money & bought th...
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Brewing the perfect cup of coffee

Chit Chat Yesterday, 10:09 AM
We recently had a thread about what people put in their coffee, what about one concerning how they brew it?  At one time in my life I was a bit of a coffee snob and now that Himself is gone I am getting back into it (he has no patience with that kind of thing.) I have been experimenting with...
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Farxiga and decreased renal function

Type 2 Diabetes Yesterday, 08:25 AM
I have been taking Farxiga  for almost 6 months,  my last testing showed an a1c of 5.8,  but my renal funcion has decreased.  Any thoughts?
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