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      17 Apr

    int f(n) {return (pow((((32>>5)+sqrt(10>>1))/(8>>2)),n)-pow(((1-sqrt(20>>2))/2),n))*pow(sqrt(1280>>8),-1);}

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neuropathy---anything help????

Type 1 Diabetes Today, 07:29 AM
Hello Does anyone have any experience or know of anyone who does with what helps heal neuropathy?     I have had 4 or 5 months with high numbers and now am feeling numbness in the bottom of my toes and even a little in my fingertips.   I have been told by a foot doctor---who is ver...
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please help!!

Pre-Diabetes Today, 05:10 AM
Hello, I’m ready to give up,  somebody please please help me!! I have so many problems I don’t even know where to start! I went to a doctor about 6 months ago to finally try to get better, He did nothing to help me and acted like it was an inconvenience to even talk to me, This has discourag...
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I want to be like this when I'm 80

Chit Chat Today, 03:45 AM
I'm not a fan of reality shows and talent shows except for Britain's Got Talent.   I want to be as fit, energetic and lively as this contestant is when I reach 80, and she's beautiful (and without botox).   http://www.youtube.c...h?v=hjHnWz3EyHs
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Could I be type 1/1.5?

Type 1.5 Diabetes Today, 01:29 AM
Hi everyone. I started reading these forums a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised to see there is a type 1.5 diabetes. I am 37 and I was diagnosed in June as type 2. My A1C was 16 and my fasting glucose was 320. I was very surprised by this diagnosis because I wasn't overweight and I have no...
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News, Smart pill bottle could help you take your meds on...

Chit Chat Yesterday, 11:49 PM
Getting patients to take their pills is a big problem in the medical field. With complex illnesses come multiple prescriptions and complicated instructions that patients can find hard to follow. A pharmacy group reports that failing to take medications properly adds about $290 billion a...
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