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      11 Nov

    Sorry I have been away for so long...RL just took the wheel for a while but I have put it in park and decided to stop at the best rest stop on the net....missed ya'll

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      08 Apr

    D2 for 2 years , A1C=9 before my meds and watching carbs aevrage numbers of 250 daily , now since Metformin and glipizide 500mg/20mg. and lower carbs my numbers average 100-140 .

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low-dose aspirin has no CV benefit for Type 2

Scientific Studies Today, 02:45 PM
Study of ~2500 Japanese type 2 diabetes people shows low-dose aspirin therapy did not reduce cardiovascular events in patients with type 2 diabetes in primary prevention setting for 10-year follow-up. Mean patient age was 65 years at baseline, and 55% of patients were males. Mean duration of diab...
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Meds that give you false positives on drug screening

Other Medications Today, 12:24 PM
"I tested pos for Meth?!! You must mean 'Methformin'"   Metformin is the only diabetes specific drug on this list. There are meds here associated with common diabetes related conditions such as depression, neuropathy, etc. Thought I'd give you a heads up... Mike   https://www.goodrx.c....
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Insulin Neuritis....it sucks!

Diabetes Today, 10:12 AM
After a few weeks of head scratching my Endo and Neurologist diagnosed me with insulin neuritis...a bit of a misnomer since it has nothing to do with insulin nor inflammation of the nerves.   Basically when I went on insulin and rapidly got my blood sugars under control, I damaged the small...
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Latest A1C

Type 2 Diabetes Today, 04:41 AM
I just got the results of my latest A1C. When I was first diagnosed in May, my A1C was a whopping 12.5. Three months later (in August), it had come down to 7.2. Now my latest A1C is 6.8. Though I'm not yet where I should be (in the safe zone below 6), I'm glad to have now made it below 7.
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New here and T2 Diabetic .

Introductions and Announcements Today, 01:14 AM
Hi I'm Eddie was Diagnosed in 2011 as T2 I was on Glyburide and changed to Metformin 500mg twice a day. The metformin was making me sick at my stomach, The Metformin was changed to a non Insulin weekly injection Tanzeum the tanzeum worked okay for awhile and it become ineffective and the oral med...
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