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Dieting and nutrition for diabetes Today, 12:00 AM
keep forgetting about one food group i haven't quite characterized/profiled just yet - alcohol!  haven't had many chances to hit the bars since DX a few months ago, but do have a glass of wine or beers with meals from time to time, but measure those eating sessions as a whole and haven't not...
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Interesting conversation with a pharmacist

Scientific Studies Yesterday, 07:57 PM
I was getting a  new 'script filled this evening and my favorite pharmacist was working.  There was no one behind me in line so we were talking about the D (it runs in his family) and I mentioned that since going very strictly LCHF that my sensitivity to meds has increased dramatically...
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Spike at bedtime

Type 1 Diabetes Yesterday, 04:58 PM
The last few nights I have spiked up by between 20 and 50 points when I go to bed. It can be super fast - less than 15 minutes. Any food was usually consumed at least 3 hours if not more before (and never difficult things like pasta or pizza). I really hate trying to correct then stay awake make...
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Hypo = numbness?

Type 1 Diabetes Yesterday, 03:09 PM
I have a new trick in a hypo situation... Parts of me go numb, including my tongue, lower lip/ jaw (including my taste buds - I can eat chilis and not feel it) and now, weirdly, my thighs- but not my calves or any other body part. Any ideas? The mouth thing really annoys me, as it takes a while a...
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Fitbit Aria

Chit Chat Yesterday, 02:28 PM
Anyone have or seen this scale?   Fitbit claims that the scale uses advanced technology to track weight, lean mass, body fat % and BMI. Are these types of scales accurate?   Seems like this scale would be useful to keep track if your loosing muscle when you are trying to loose...
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