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Opposite of white coat?!

Other Medications Yesterday, 09:28 PM
Hey guys   My blood pressure is a little high, so I take coversyl for it.  I know white coat hypertension is an issue for some, but I seem to have the opposite - when the doctor (or nurse) takes my blood pressure manually, it's way lower than it is with the machine.  I went to the...
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Is this about normal?

Low-carb lifestyle Yesterday, 07:26 PM
I tested...81- this after 2 hours and a Met 500 pill after dinner. (tuna salad on lettuce, small tomato)   I ate 1 oz. cream cheese (2 carbs) and then a glass of hot tea (1 carb?)   immediately after the tea - 50 minutes after the 81 reading and now 94.... Is this about what you all get...
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Always hungry

Low-carb lifestyle Yesterday, 07:16 PM
Ok, this is starting to drive me nuts (I know, I know, short trip).   Anyway, the last 4 or 5 days I have been constantly hungry.  I mean hungry as in my stomach hurts and it growls loud enough to wake my husband from a sound sleep or annoy coworkers across the room.  It doesn't se...
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talkin' 'bout Ketones...

Low-carb lifestyle Yesterday, 06:31 PM
We talked many times on here about the smell of ketones in urine and how bad it is. Have any of you noticed the smell going  away in ketosis? I have no test strips, but just wondered as I think I am in it but there is no usual foul smell, so just wondered if it is possible for that to go awa...
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Ice Cream

Recipes Yesterday, 11:40 AM
so hi there ~ i'm postin this here per miss GAgirl's request so she can find it quickly   i use the recipe that came with the ice cream maker (see below)  but instead of using sugar, i used splenda and an 1/8 of a cup coconut palm sugar and added 2 TBsp white cake vodka    ...
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