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How long before FBS drops?

Monitoring Today, 08:15 AM
On July 1, my FBS was 210. I had been living in deep denial and fell way off the wagon. But after 4 days of very very LC, my FBS is 184. Numbers during the day range from 140- 160. I'm thinking I should bump up my lab work for GAD and c peptide and not wait any further to see if very low carb a...
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Traveling to USA from Europe. Tips?

Type 1 Diabetes Today, 06:28 AM
Hey,Im flying to New York on Monday from Poland. Flight departures 10.10 and arrives in New York 20.45. My insulin is Lantus and Novorapid. Usually i take my long lasting insulin Lantus on mornings.How should i take my Insulin during this long flight? And how do i adjust to the time differen...
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Low carb lasagna

Recipes Yesterday, 01:51 PM
Got the cheese, the sauce is simmering (tomatoes and peppers from me own garden) and have been trying to figure out how to best slice the zucchini (also from me own garden),  I have the vegetti thing for making spiral noodles, but I have a hankering for lasagna and the zucchini isn't coopera...
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Happy Birthday

Chit Chat Yesterday, 08:36 AM
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Sulfurous burps and metformin moments?

Diabetes complications Yesterday, 04:46 AM
Having a *bad* bout of intestinal upset at the moment. Also having sulfurous tasting burps. I don't really think any of this has anything to do with the metformin, but some people here have mentioned having "metformin moments" after eating something carby (which I did), but has anyone experienced...
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