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terms and interpretations of post prandial spikes and “re...

Diabetes Today, 06:52 PM
As I experiment more with various foods, drinks, energy bars, etc. there have been a number of times when I spike up in the 140-150 range but an hour later am down to 99 or even lower.   I may even be spiking much higher given that my first PP reading is usually around the 60 minute mark and...
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Struggling to maintain good blood sugar #s

Introductions and Announcements Today, 05:04 PM
Hello My name is Darrol and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes ( or type 2 originally that became type 1 quickly??? ) about 10 years ago.  I have struggled with maintaining good blood sugar #s since day 1.  I have always been a reader and have done plenty of research and reading on ho...
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Glucose spike after Cardio

Diabetes Today, 03:53 PM
 I started working out yesterday with my wife. We are doing 30 minutes of Cardio with light weights. To be honest I have never really committed my self to working out. The last time I worked out which didn't last long at all was probably five years ago. I have always felt with the...
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Insurance and Diabetes T2

Type 2 Diabetes Today, 02:57 PM
Hello all! I'm a new member, obviously, and while I do not have diabetes my sister was just diagnosed which came at an interesting time because I was recently contracted to ghostwrite a book about diabetes that aims to address policy failure within the system, that being said I expect to spend a...
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Thyroid -- nodules and MAYBE hormones?? What kind of doc?

Chit Chat Today, 09:46 AM
As some of you may remember, a 2cm nodule was found in my thryoid in jan 2014 It was an "incidental finding" -- with no noticeable symptoms Do to the nature of the nodule (solid and hypervascular), they did a fine needle biopsy. The result of the biopsy was negative, but there were enough "cautio...
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