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Pre-Diabetes Today, 06:12 PM
So I just found a file with some blood work from my last pregnancy. I had no idea that an A1C test was done. It was 5.5 in early 2012. I had it done about a month ago at a different lab and it was 5.7. Not sure if this can be considered a "trend" or not. But it is interesting because I thought I...
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A photo for the Bountyman

Exercise Today, 06:10 PM
My ratfink and my Boulevard cruiser the rat fink really is big.
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Cruiser Bikes and adult trikes - makng our own fun.

Exercise Today, 04:57 PM
G'day All, This thread is about scaling down bike riding and making it more fun and good exercise. But why not ride heavier bikes or adult trikes and go shorter distances, and get the same exercise in a shorter time but with more fun.   The strange thing about the lycra set is; gym junk...
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Bread recipe

Recipes Today, 04:17 PM
http://www.foodiefia...uten-freevegan/   A friend sent me this link and it looks like it should be a good recipe.  It does not list the carb count, can anyone give an estimate of what it might be?  I'd like to try it but would like to know if the carbs would be within reason....
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Gov’t to reveal drug company payments to doctors

Chit Chat Today, 12:06 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) - Striving to shine a light on potential ethical conflicts in medicine, the Obama administration is releasing data on drug company payments to tens of thousands of individual doctors. As conceived, the so-called Open Payments program was intended to allow patients to eas...
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