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      10 Mar
    Book Woman

    Well, I have not posted here for a while. Last month I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and I have spent all of my time learning about it and having lots and lots of tests. You are such caring friends and I wanted you to know why you haven't heard from mr. Miss you all and hope you have a great day?

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      05 Mar

    A1c 5.5%, triglycerides 67. 15 months ago, 6.0% and 98. In between, been walking 4 to 6 miles/day and doing isometrics. No changes in diet.

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Preventing Major Cardiovascular Events in Diabetics

Scientific Studies Yesterday, 11:22 AM
"Study subjects included 859,617 adults with diabetes enrolled for more than 6 months during 2005-2011 in a network of 11 U.S. integrated health care organizations. Inadequate risk factor control was classified as      LDL-C ≥100 mg/dL,       A1C ≥7% (...
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Time to stop taking the Metformin?

Diabetes Yesterday, 11:22 AM
Just completed a home test for HbA1c (ReliOn) with a 4.9 . Happy about that but my question is should I stop taking the Metformin? Currently I'm taking 500mg. X 2 daily. Should I stop, reduce down to one 500mg. or keep taking it? Money is not an issue, I get 60 pills for $3.90. Why should I stop?...
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ReliOn A1c home kit v. other labs

Monitoring Yesterday, 11:07 AM
Just completed the ReliOn Home Test and result was 4.9. My daily BS testing numbers have been good, and I've no reason for worry, but I would like to know how this finding compares with another, perhaps more thorough, lab. if you have knowledge of how they compared for you I would like to know....
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Netcarbs versus Carbs

Dieting and nutrition for diabetes Yesterday, 08:46 AM
Hi there,  I am new to the forum. I am a type 1 diatetic at 36 years old. I was wondering the following: Due I base my novalog insulin injection amount of units based on carb count or net carb count?   Can anyone help me?  
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Would you eat these?

Chit Chat Yesterday, 08:20 AM
I saw these items on "The Daily Meal - All Things Food and Drink" website    
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