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      17 Apr

    int f(n) {return (pow((((32>>5)+sqrt(10>>1))/(8>>2)),n)-pow(((1-sqrt(20>>2))/2),n))*pow(sqrt(1280>>8),-1);}

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When fixing your morning coffee

Chit Chat Today, 08:14 AM
make sure you grab the correct bottle of Torani syrup. . . .mango does not work.
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mini glucagon..

Diabetes Today, 07:35 AM
Yesterday I drove Ashleigh to a mall about an hour from our house, so she could meet up with a friend from Diabetes camp. This was the 1/2 way point for the 2 girls. We got there around 11:30am and met them in the food court. She came with her mom, dad, and sister. BTW they were the shyest/quiete...
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Diets for non-diabetics focused on glycemic index

Type 1 Diabetes Yesterday, 10:56 PM
There are so many diets or there focused on keeping non-diabetics from not having blood sugars that spike throughout the day. Apparently, this promotes weight loss in one way or another. However, for us type 1 diabetics, our best day ever in blood sugars is probably equivalent to the worst day ev...
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LC take on Broccoli pasta salad

Recipes Yesterday, 09:52 PM
I used to make (before DX) a broccoli and bow-tie pasta salad and now I made it without pasta, but since the dressing is the same it tastes exactly the same, minus the slightly softer pasta texture.    1/2 cup broccoli florets & 1/2 cup cauliflower florets all broken into very small...
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hard time w my marriage, wondering if anyone's been t...

Chit Chat Yesterday, 08:00 PM
has some perspective for me...  I asked a while back on a marriage forum and everyone was just convinced that my husband was having an affair even though that had nothing to do with my question one way or the other.  (He really isn't, but that really doesn't have any bearing on my Q, I...
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