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    Washington, Washington. Six stories high, made of radiation. The present beware, the future beware. He's coming. He's coming. He's coming.

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Router issues? ASUS

Chit Chat Today, 01:38 AM
Experience with ASUS routers? Have to keep hitting an apply button at the least. 
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Bad Glucometer or Failing Pancreas?

Type 2 Diabetes Yesterday, 08:03 PM
Having some weird issues lately and I'm wondering if anyone can shed any light.   I was doing pretty well (for me) for several weeks, with readings in the 130s and 140s pretty regularly, sometimes between 100 and 110.  Then a couple weeks ago I ate a candy bar.  I expected to have...
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I think I need help, feel like I have fallen off a cliff...

Chit Chat Yesterday, 05:19 PM
in more ways than one. Sigh.... So, I was doing pretty great in terms of the break up stuff. Oddly. lol But really, I was in a lot of ways feeling like my life was a whole lot better than when I was with him. And then the last three weeks or so all of this insane anger and hurt has come rush...
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Endo or primary care

Type 2 Diabetes Yesterday, 02:48 PM
Can someone suggest whether to consult Endocrinologist or primary care doctor?   My primary care doc quit my Insurance network. Should I always go to endo as he is specialist? But any specialist will charge more compared to primary care.
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Halloween.... will it be a hard couple of days for you?

Low-carb lifestyle Yesterday, 02:11 PM
This is my first Halloween as a diabetic. But I have no worries about all the candy that will be in my house. I just don't really like much candy, though I do enjoy a Butterfinger.   My weakness is bread, mostly because my favorite foods are sandwiches.... so this weekend will be easy peasy...
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