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      10 Mar
    Book Woman

    Well, I have not posted here for a while. Last month I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and I have spent all of my time learning about it and having lots and lots of tests. You are such caring friends and I wanted you to know why you haven't heard from mr. Miss you all and hope you have a great day?

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      05 Mar

    A1c 5.5%, triglycerides 67. 15 months ago, 6.0% and 98. In between, been walking 4 to 6 miles/day and doing isometrics. No changes in diet.

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Hello all :)

Introductions and Announcements Yesterday, 10:03 PM
I've been lurking for a few days trying to soak up as much knowledge as i can and decided to leap in with both feet. I'm one of those people who is curious by nature so you'll see me asking lots of questions in due course.
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The saga of a frustrated and lost newbie T2

Introductions and Announcements Yesterday, 05:16 PM
I've lurked around the threads for a few weeks but have now taken the plunge and signed up. I'm worried, frustrated, angry and lost. Hi!   It seems every time I come to terms with one aspect of this disease, the news gets worse. I've lived with PCOS for years and done plenty of glucose toler...
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Getting rid of squirrel in attic.

Chit Chat Yesterday, 04:56 PM
I set live traps and this is a smart squirrel and it never goes in the trap. I even set out rat poison and the squirrel eats it but never dies. I'm now going to place moth balls to see if this get rid of them. I think this squirrel is a female with babies. I know where the squirrel is coming in a...
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Looks to be mini dawn phenomenon

Pre-Diabetes Yesterday, 11:12 AM
So to follow up on my other thread, where I noticed that my FBG when I wake up was 9 points lower than it was at the blood test lab 1 hour later, I did a little experiment.   My question: was the 9 point rise in that hour due to my anxiety over the blood test, or to dawn phenomenon/delaying...
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Newer To All This Info Appreciated

Introductions and Announcements 17 Apr 2015
Well 24 years old diagnosed with type 1 nearly a year ago. Brought in on a 60 pound weight loss and a1c of 14.8 no past symptoms was dka and in icu 2 1/2 weeks. Married beautiful supportive wife of 6 year relationship 2 year marriage 2 beautiful children daughter 5, son 7. I guess you could say I...
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