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Annoying Realization about glucose meters standards

Type 1 Diabetes Today, 01:01 AM
I stumbled upon this article about glucose meters, and cannot get the though out of my mind.   http://www.diabetesf...eters-2014.html   This is the highlight. 20% OF THE ACTUAL LEVEL TO ME SEEMS LIKE A RIDICULOUS RANGE. I guess I shouldn't worry have when I am at 170 VS 130 anymore...
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Questions from a New T-2

Introductions and Announcements Yesterday, 08:43 PM
Greetings all,   I'm looking for some guidance from some experienced folks.  I was diagnosed just about two years ago at age 33.  Since then I've changed my diet quite drastically and am up to 850 mg of Metformin twice a day.   My main question is about diet.  I'm 6'5", a...
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T-Slim Users - Thoughts?

Pumping Insulin Yesterday, 08:18 PM
I'm looking at upgrading (or downgrading in my opinion since nothing is superior to the Cozmo yet  ) my pump soon.  I contacted Tandem to gather some more info from their pump and they somehow messed up and actually placed the order.  I think because they use a third party company...
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Peaking at 90 minutes to 2 hours?

Monitoring Yesterday, 06:56 PM
Since my A1C of 5.7 I am being a little more diligent in my testing and following a reading of 96 mg/dl at 1 hour PP I felt flush at 90 minutes PP and had a reading of 118 mg/dl (ate about 15g net carbs).  At 2 hours and fifteen minutes it went down to 104.  Is this because I'm eating h...
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Hello I'm new so hi.

Introductions and Announcements Yesterday, 04:20 PM
Hello,   My name is Trevor and I'm a 30yr old male living in the South.  My mother is a type 1, and around a year ago I had the thirst, and bladder symptoms hit me.  I found that my sugar was indeed high.  Since then, I've been fully capable of controlling my glucose load by d...
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