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      08 Apr

    int f(n) {return (pow((((32>>5)+sqrt(10>>1))/(8>>2)),n)-pow(((1-sqrt(20>>2))/2),n))*pow(sqrt(1280>>8), -1);}

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News Link, How Being a Doctor Became the Most Miserable P...

Chit Chat Yesterday, 11:27 PM
By the end of this year, it’s estimated that 300 physicians will commit suicide. While depression amongst physicians is not new—a few years back, it was named the second-most suicidal occupation—the level of sheer unhappiness amongst physicians is on the rise.   http://ww...
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My low carb diet

Low-carb lifestyle Yesterday, 11:14 PM
This is an article I wrote some years back. I've yo-yo'd all my life and am now on something very similar to this but with more variety.   Low carb diets are easy to plan and follow and they don’t leave you feeling hungry. As long as you stick with the foods you’re allowed to eat, you’ll do...
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Miracle Brownies by Laura Dolson (LC & SF)

Recipes Yesterday, 07:53 PM
Miracle Brownies by Laura Dolson   Javagurrl found this and posted the link on er I Got This Thread today. I am making it now. Will be back with a picture and let you know how it turns out. Was a pain in the   to make as it's very liquid-y and the powdered sugar (SF) is v...
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Confused about muscle usage of glucose

Type 2 Diabetes Yesterday, 06:03 PM
I have read many times here in the forums that exercise requires the muscles to use up glucose in your blood, so that reduces your BG levels.  What I don't understand is that if you are insulin resistant, then how does the glucose get into your muscles?  Doesn't the glucose first have t...
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Happy Birthday buddy7

Chit Chat Yesterday, 05:09 PM
      Happy Birthday B7     May all your birthday wishes come true  
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