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Hi Everyone! 24yo recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diab...

Introductions and Announcements Today, 06:45 PM
Hi Everyone,    How's it going? My name is Karim and I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a couple months ago. It's been tough adjusting to a new lifestyle of injections and glucometer checks but hopefully I can adapt to it successfully like many of you have
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I have no problem losing weight but my fasting blood suga...

Introductions and Announcements Today, 03:18 PM
Hello  I am 49 years old male. I am 5"4' tall and my weight is 150 pounds. Two days ago I had my bloodwork done and I saw that my fasting blood sugar is 103 (two years ago it was merely 90) I don't take sugar I never use alcohol never smoke. Therefore the result was quite shocking for me. Ju...
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unpredictable consequence

Diabetes complications Today, 11:23 AM
i was prescribe bifocals about 5 years ago, having myopia since childhood, but always had difficutly reading and read fewer and fewer books.   anyway i started embroidery and beading with no glasses as i am near sighted.  it became much more comfortable to read with the bifocals, i am w...
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Fasting-induced regeneration.

Scientific Studies Today, 10:44 AM
http://www.cell.com/...4131(15)00224-7   Highlights   •FMD rejuvenates the immune system and reduces cancer incidence in C57BL/6 mice •FMD promotes hippocampal neurogenesis and improves cognitive performance in mice •FMD causes beneficial changes in risk factors of age-related...
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In need of a pen pall

Young adults with Diabetes. Today, 02:42 AM
hey I'm currently 18 and wouldn't mind sharing my experience with someone else who endures the struggle of diabetes from day to day through email ! I am type 2
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