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A coffee cup you can eat

Chit Chat Yesterday, 07:06 PM
They are supposedly marketing this to young millenials who are environmentally conscious. Check out the ingredients http://www.usatoday....rants/23994315/
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New to insulin, question about exercising

Exercise Yesterday, 03:57 PM
Hi Folks, I was originally diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago.  I did some research and was pretty sure I was LADA, but the doctors either hadn't heard of it, didn't care or felt that it didn't make any difference so were treating me as type 2.  At first I was able to control it with l...
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Lantus Solostar - $25 per pen, 300U, no insurance

Other Medications Yesterday, 03:20 PM
I got the insulin from WalMart. They (walmart) have on file my prescription card from goodrx.com, plus I found a coupon on the lantus site.  My prescription was for two vials, total $50. You can find the same coupon here: https://www.lantus.c...ay-registration . I do not have insur...
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Low carb, high calorie and high BG?

Type 2 Diabetes Yesterday, 12:14 PM
How are you with high calorie diets? Does this keep your numbers high even though you are low carbing?   I am pretty skinny and shed weight easy, so I eat quite a bit of calories even though I am low carbing and keeping my protein in the 150gr range.
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Healthy smoothie possible?

Type 2 Diabetes Yesterday, 09:19 AM
Is it possible to make a smoothie that won't spike my/our blood sugar?  I was always told dont drink what you can chew, with regards to fruit, as the act of turning fruit into juice creates sugar.  So I never drink juice.  I see all these smoothies on tv and in recipes but they jus...
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