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      08 Apr

    D2 for 2 years , A1C=9 before my meds and watching carbs aevrage numbers of 250 daily , now since Metformin and glipizide 500mg/20mg. and lower carbs my numbers average 100-140 .

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Trujeo dosing with a pen

Other Medications Yesterday, 08:07 PM
Just picked up some Trujeo. It is U300, but the pens are marked off in per unit dosage.    With the lantus pens, I would dial up to 30 and shoot. With Trujeo, it's the same.   If you're buying it in vials, U-300 is a different story. I'd rather go into that because I have the pens....
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Dogs that sniff out hypoglycemia

Scientific Studies Yesterday, 06:35 PM
Some have wondered how some dogs do it:http://gizmodo.com/w...etes-1782670434
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A1C of 11; Help me understand what this means if unchanged

Type 2 Diabetes Yesterday, 10:16 AM
Long story short I have come to find out that my sister-in-law is not only diabetic but has a A1C of 11. She considers this "normal" and looking at her diet, lack of of exercise and smoking habit I guess I can see 11 not being out of the picture. Naturally she has been hospitalized for high blood...
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No association between 'bad cholesterol' and elde...

Scientific Studies Yesterday, 10:06 AM
http://medicalxpress...rly-deaths.html   For the geezers among us struggling with high cholesterol..    "older people with high levels of a certain type of cholesterol, known as low-density lipoprotein (LDL-C), live as long, and often longer, than their peers with low levels of thi...
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Field Day 2016

Chit Chat 26 Jun 2016
For those of us who are ham radio operators here in the states, this past weekend was ARRL's (American Radio Relay League) annual Field Day.  For those of you who don't know what Field Day is, it's a 24 hour event that started at 2 pm EDT Saturday (1600 Zulu time), and ended at 1:59 pm EDT S...
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