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Do you know any good educational FB pages on Diabetes in...

Type 2 Diabetes Today, 05:00 AM
Hi,    I am hoping to find out more and join the community with diabetes in Singapore.   I'm aware of these few: https://www.facebook.com/singaporediabeteshealth.com.sg/ https://www.facebook.com/glycoapp/ https://www.facebook.com/Diabetes-Singapore-244162762142/   Anyone knows...
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My husband might have lung cancer

Chit Chat Yesterday, 11:15 PM
He went for a physical yesterday and had a chest x-ray because he's an ex-smoker.  He quit 30 year ago.  The phone rang at 7:30 this morning, it was his doctor himself.  He said they found something on the x-ray and wants him to have a CT scan.  My husband was at work at the t...
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Swarm of Moths

Chit Chat Yesterday, 10:54 PM
This swarm of moths is incredible. They really need some predators. Maybe some Queenslanders can tell us more about it .     http://www.abc.net.a...ern-qld/7156004
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can you mix humulin n insulin and novolin r insulin in th...

Type 1 Diabetes Yesterday, 09:28 PM
can you mix humulin n insulin and novolin r insulin in the same syringe?
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Anyone have emergency backup power?

Chit Chat Yesterday, 10:53 AM
I was wondering if anyone has some type of emergency backup power in the event their power goes off?  I have been thinking about getting a small generator to help power my mini refrigerator where I keep my insulin, but I didn't like the idea of having to drag it out of the house, set it up o...
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