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Getting My Life Back

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About this blog

:)Hi, My first Blog well here goes. 3 years ago I found the most wonderful group of people here on DF. Before this I had managed my diabetes as something that was just there. Some months I would be caring of it and myself. For long periods of tim

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Updating my blog

:)Hi,   Where has the time gone Someone reminded me of my blog today and I thought I should update it Fill you all in on the last 18 months. Firstly the D well had a Hb1c of 6 last year my first ever . The last one was 6.8 I can live with that and I know my diet isn't as rigid as it was but you need to live. I swim nearly every day and I was doing either Curves or Contours . But decided swimming is for me not only iis it good for the body but great for the soul. I have been off my blood pressure medication since April 2011 (I had taken medication since 1989) I have gone from using lots of insulin to using very little (saving me lots of money LOL) Now for me I have just changed so much I have gone from someone who was too scared to drive a car at all to someone who drives 2000kms without thinking twice about it on my own Have done it 3 times now and about to do the 4th trip but more about that later I left my job of nearly 15 years in january to start a new job in a new city. 2000kms from family Though I have many close friends here. I walked into aged care with little expereince totally out of my compfort zone . Going from Children and public Hospital system to a Privately owned Aged Care facility was an eye opener. I managed and enjoyed the residents Learning a lot from them . I also started to board with someone I found on a site on the internet Not much accomadation up here and very expensive. Going from a city of 24,000 to 260,000 people Thinking oh well if I want to do this or go there I have to do it myself No one to do it for me I started swimming with friends but as we work different hours I found if I didn't go by myself I wouldn't get there Now the Pool staff all know me by name LOL Never in a million years would i have had the courage to do this before On my last trip home I decided I needed to spring my wings again So my next adventure is to go Agency Nursing This involves being sent to a hospital Nursing home anywhere in Australia The period of time varries but usually 3 months at a time. I do not care where I go but really want each place to last about 3 months My 1st contract is for4 months in Aged Care. The town I am going to I have been through a few years ago I know no one there (well I dont think I do but have a habbit of running into people that either know of me or are related:D) I reallly have no idea of what the accomadation will be like and I can't wait for it all to happen . (only next week) Someone asked me if I was nervous and I hadn't even thought of that There will be so many new places to see and explore in the time I'm in this town People to meet If they do not like me well that is their problem . I have been able to achieve this all through the support of all my wonderful friends and by becoming comfortable with who I am Also my belief that life is too short to waste a day being negative, bitter or angry




Life two weeks on

:)Hi again, Well it is over 2 weeks since I escaped and I have missed nothing about my old life. Not even my wonderful little farm. I'm sure it helps that I'm staying on a farm and have cows around me. Now it's the buisness end of the whole thing. Once he got over the shock of me actually leaving. H e still can't understand why has no commprehension that his behaviour is not acceptable.He even told someone I was jealous of the dog that is why I left!!! Anyway now his main priority is to get as much out of me that he can. He won't move out (thank goodness for my brother and sister in law letting me stay here) Lets hope things settle fast. The really positive things that this turn in my life has achieved is my relationship with my brother and sister in law has strenghtened.(The saying blood is thicker than water is so true) My weight loss journey is back on track. Lost 6 kilos (12lbs) since Christmas and no it's not just stress I have no junk food in house so can't be tempted. I'm determind to lose next 25kg's by end of year. Also my diabetes is well in control my insulin usage has dropped yet again That feels so good. The other big plus is the friends I have and the support I have recieved That has been my tower of strenght. THANKYOU FOR THIS




Getting my life back

Hi, My first Blog well here goes. 3 years ago I found the most wonderful group of people here on DF. Before this I had managed my diabetes as something that was just there. Some months I would be caring of it and myself. For long periods of time it was very much in the background. I would guess insulin doses take oral meds eat what and when ever I felt like it. I'm a Nurse I should no better Through reading and talking to people on here I relised I was not alone. That and starting Byetta I gained some control over my D but not letting it control me. My other huge problem is my weight and I mean HUGE. I have been fat all my life but always could move and do stuff. Well it got out of control and I couldn't walk a few feet without huffing puffing and sweating heaps. Well last year with the help of a Lap Band and lots of determindation I am 1/2 way to my goal on weight loss.That was last year. So must work harder to achieve this in 2011. Now the really hard bit in getting my life back is walking away from my marriage. Sad but I'm not happy and life is to short to be stuck in something that is toxic. We have had some fantastic times and I will always cherish those. But I can't handle being told what to do. Having to fight to be allowed to go out , see friends work ,study etc. Also the mental abuse at times. For 9 years I have made excuses and thought it will get better. Well It's not. So at present I'm in planning If I could talk through it I would but some people just won't listen and they don't have a problem. Better to yell and break things (never their own) Anyway in the next few weeks I may be absent for a while but I will be back



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