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It's a start

I thought I'd try using this blog feature to keep track in a central spot my attempts at tweaking my lifestyle to suit my needs as a diabetic.


So, for instance, I've been trying to start slowly with some additional exercise. I had a window of time with some flexibility available just before work in the mornings, so I thought I'd start there. The catch at the moment is a knee problem - some type of inflammation in my left knee that responds well to rest and badly to exercise. Yesterday, I managed a brief walk in the morning and limped through mowing half my yard in the evening. The knee felt fine after a night's sleep, but I could only walk about 6-10 minutes this morning. I'm walking in a local park and that seems to be working well in terms of timing, weather, and scenery. I do kind of miss using that time for a peaceful, slow start to my work day. I feel a little more rushed at work without it.


From: A daily exercise thread?....

Knee felt ok when I got up this morning. Merest twinge about 6 minutes into my walk, but I headed back anyway and sure enough, was feeling pretty bad and limping slightly by the time I got back. Did enough walking at work today to keep it annoyed and then came home and finished mowing the yard even though I was limping the whole time. Thinking that probably wasn't wise (at least for the knee. Overindulged a bit at dinner and was at 167 1hr PP. The mowing did help with that.) Icing the knee now while writing this.




Source: A daily exercise thread?....

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