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Trying to get Pregnant with a Broken Down Body!

Hi my name is Crystal, I am 30 years old. I have been a diabetic my whole life but was diagnosed at 16. I am type 1.5 and am insulin resistant. I have to inject an abundance of insulin daily to try to counter the insulin resistance. Diabetes has affected by life in so many ways. It's hard to lose weight (I am sure most of you know), I am always tired and never feel right, admitted to the hospital many times... and it has also kept me from having a baby with my husband. We have been trying for a year now and have not had any luck. I would love some advice if you have any. My endocrinologist is putting me on an Insulin Pump to help with the insulin resistance but the cost is keeping me from getting it. My insurance only pays half which leaves me with a $3,500 amount that I have to raise before they will send me it; that's not including the monthly upkeep. I have created a go fund me page to help raise money to get the pump and would appreciate it if you could pass it along on your twitter and/or facebook. The link is: http://www.gofundme.com/needinsulinpump I look forward to reading and posting and learning more about what I can do to help me get pregnant. *** Picture is with me and my precious niece Mackenzie***



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