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Day to day with diabetes type 2

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Had a scare this morning lol

Got up early to bake sliders for church lunch. Well I was rushing around cooking and prepping and doing too much in to short of time and remembered I hadn't taken the sugar reading. Ran over to the counter took it using both meters and it was 280! Needless to say that scared the willies outta me.


I eat some protein, start walking and downing water. Then 5 minutes later it comes to me.....I forgot to wash my hands first. Wash up, use two meters again and its 140. My average fasting. I love this cruddy disease sometimes. Hahaha Nawh I hate it but it did give me a laugh this morning.....after it almost gave me a stroke.


No exercise today. Used my legs too much so I'm skipping a few days plus I have a migrain. Not fun. Blah blah.


The 15 minute mile

Okay. If you are not particularly an exercise type and early in the morning you decide to do a 15 minute mile, on arthritic knees and toes , a bad back, nerve damage and neuropathy in ankles and legs....you are in pain! You don't even care about your sugar or what you'll have for breakfast because you want to take 5 Tylenol and sit in a tub of Epson salts all day.


Rant over. Pain not over. Ugh.


Testing one two three

Okay. Last night I decided to have tuna salad. 1/2 can albacore tuna, 1 boiled farm egg and mayo. Made two lettuce wraps and that was my supper. This morning my sugar was 165! I exercised yesterday and ate a plant based diet as usual except for the tuna.


Ate old fashioned oatmeal with sunflower seeds and butter for breakfast and the 2 hour reading 106. Now today I'm sticking with plants for the rest of the and maybe try beans. Tomorrow will tell the tale.


Meanwhile I am upping the water, watching the salt whilst trying to get rid of my water retention. I am determined to improve my health. My skin looks awesome I must say.


Water without an oar in site

I have water retention plus its going to rain all week. Must be empathy from the sky. Anyhoo

Anyways my ring will not budge, the scale went up 1.2 pounds and my legs hurt all night. The veggies shouldn't be the cause of that so I could fool myself and say it's not due to way to much salt but it is. Veggies without salt. Ugh. I figured if I ate fresh veggies and cooked them myself adding the salt at the table it would be fine. Wrong! Anyway today no salt and lots of water and lemon. We shall see.


Yesterday other than vegetables and nuts I had half an orange, half an apple, a small bag of popcorn, a few chips, one square of dark chocolate, a wasa cracker with peanut butter, sprouted grain toast with yogurt spread and a fried egg. This morning fasting was 112. Metformin 2x500


Morning is for celebrating

This morning my fasting was 124! I almost fell over. It's never been that low even on Atkins induction of 20 grams of carbs a day.

My foods yesterday was a bowl of oats with almonds and seeds, a bowl of mixed fresh greens and salad veggies with lemon and olive oil dressing, bowl of veggy soup. Slice of Ezekiel sprouted grain bread with butter, bag of popcorn, small bag of potato chips, half an apple with pb, 4 Austin cheese peanut butter crackers, a small square of dark chocolate with walnuts and coffee with cream.

I was busy all day in the house and the yard so today I am going to try and stay active despite my legs and feet. Need to drink more water too.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I can cut the Metformin down again. Meanwhile I have no idea how many carbs I'm having a day but plenty of fiber for sure.

Bless the beasts and the children.


Had I only known

That a diet of vegetables, nuts and seeds woul improve my sugar in only a few weeks I'd have done this years ago. Cut the Metformin down to 500 twice a day instead of 1000 twice a day, sugar average down from 178 to 137, and I have lost 4 pounds!

Hopefully once I can get into exercising daily I can cut the meds to 1-500 a day. Not rushing it though. One day at a time and many sticks to decipher exactly what will or won't trigger a rise.

Breakfast old fashioned oats with seeds and nuts. Fasting: 137 ...2 hour : 97! Just had a slice of Ezekiel sprouted grain toast with natural peanut butter and on the way to make a big mixed salad to last for a few days and having a bowl. Cutting down the olive oil and butter. Too much fat!

Dr. Bernard is right and I am living proof of it.


Yesterday was a bust

Bah. No doubt the whole grain sammich flat bread is not going to cut it. Had a french toast yesterday and my sugar stayed up all day around an average of 150. Lunch was a big green salad and supper was a vegan chicken cutlet and green beans. Snack was a rye wasa cracker with hummus and spinach.

One or more of them contributed to a higher bg. Not that it isn't still consistanly lower than the last 11 years but it was still higher than the last week. My fasting was 139. Higher than yesterday. Anyway today I'm going to get some Ezekiel seed bread, walnuts, hemp seeds, vegan butter, low fat dressings, pasture raised eggs and pan spray. Plus multivitamins.

Having old fashioned oatmeal with almonds and sunflower seeds for breakfast. The last time I had that the sugars were good. We shall see.

The only way to be a winner is to stay in the race. I will never eat meat again!


Should have done this years ago

Last night I took half a pill with a supper of tossed salad with plenty of high protein veggys in it and this morning my fasting was a first time low of 126. Had breakfast of two french toasts using high fiber flat bread and one egg, butter and a bit of sugar free syrup. Two hours later bgs were 102. This was with half a pill.

Oddly enough my bloating is gone, excessive gas, exhaustion and I am sleeping all night for the first time in many years. I doubt if I will ever go back to eating meat and eventually will eliminate dairy. I will stick with the pasture raised eggs until my boy has his hen house built this spring. I need to cut back on the olive oil and butter yet but all changes take time. Meanwhile I am feeling great and positive.


First day of reduced meds.

This morning my fasting was 134. I attribute this to eating a pk. of peanut butter cheese crackers and half an orange after church and close to bed time. Ugh. Live and maybe learn.

No Metformin this morning. Ate 2 fried eggs, sauted green and red peppers and leeks. Coffee with cream and 2 glasses of water. Sugar....2hour readin....97. Has my sugar ever been under 100? Maybe five times in 12 years. I intend to have quinoa and leafy greens for lunch. Since my Metformin is 1000 I may take half of one and see how how my body reacts to a carb load.

Taking half my pill again with supper but supper will be vegetables and a veggie burger. Time will tell the tale. My reading average over 2 weeks is 138. Much better than the prior 2 weeks before my lifestyle change was 174. :-O

My goal over the next month is to cut my Metformin to 2x500 instead of 2x1000.


Quote the Kooka. Nevermore. :-)

Ate a salad and half an orange yesterday for supper and a snack and this morning my fasting was 135! Doing the happy dance because it's not been that low in over a year.

On the breakfast. Had a bowl of old fashioned oatmeal with a few almonds and sunflower seeds. Two hour check: 102! Maybe this vegetarian plan is the answer for me. I also started on a B12 yesterday since I no longer eat animals.

Hopefully I will soon be able to gradually lower my Metformin dose. We shall soon see.


Fake. The new food group. :-D

Okay I just ate a hotdog that tasted like a hotdog but was not a hotdog. Last night I had vegetables cooked in chicken broth made out of chicken bouillon that wasn't chicken.

For supper tonight I'm gonna have chili with hamburger that's not hamburger. Haha! Thing is so far it's all been good except for those not sausage links. I would compare the taste to maybe tightly rolled cardboard including the look as well as the taste. Blech!

The good thing my sugar is finally getting better. I have energy. I sleep all night with little if any leg cramps and today I shopped for almost 2 hours without my toes doing weird cramping and my calves barely hurt right now.

Bad thing? Wasting a ton of money trying to find stuff I like plus being winter no farmers markets are open so organic plus gmo is hard to find.

I am quite happy with this meatless lifestyle. :-)


The blog of blah

Food is good. Weather is lovely for winter. House is clean. Laundry is done. I want a brownie. I want a bag of potato chips. I want a banana split. A banana sandwich. A malt. A chocolate soda. I want to fall in it and eat it all. One of those days. Blah blah blah

Going to take a relaxing bath, lay out my clothes for church, go to bed and read a good book and hopefully tomorrow I'm over it.


Through the garden

Went to bed with bgs of 120. Fasting with the DP 135. Ate the same smoothie for breakfast as yesterday but added a handful of fresh spinach for added protein and....2 TBS. of organic plain yogurt. 2hours later....138!!

That will teach me one thing. If it aint broke don't try to fix it. Why I just "had" to have yogurt is beyond me. I don't even like yogurt but yogurt advocates praise it to the moon. I for will stick to Krogers Carb Smart which never affected my sugar if that is I decide to have it again. It never added any flavor so it was pointless.

Just made a big bowl of garden, because yes it contains 10 lc veggies, to have handy for a few days. Be prepared. Be determined. Be confident that with hard work you can and will succeed.

Grandma Greenie signing off. :-)


Having breakfast. Smoothie with sf almond milk, strawberry, 7 almonds, 2Tbs. Smart Balance peanut butter, 1 wee slice of frozen banana, 6 blueberries, 1tsp. Coconut oil and a drop of banana extract all blended and in my glass. Anxious to see what my reading is in 2 hours.

Yesterday was great. That Boca chicken burger with soup stuffed me to the gills. I never craved anything afterward much less meat and got all my required protein in to boot.

Remembering as a child in a coal camp never having meat. In fact I was around 8 years old when we first had chicken once a week and a beef roast once when I was 9. Hunmm come to think of it. Guess I have been a lacto-ovo vegetarian longer than I knew.

Let-us leaf cabbage head. Hahahaha

Back with the two hour after a breakfast of that smoothie. 102!!!!! Wow the lowest it's ever been after a meal . Cooking lentils no chicken bouillon broth to have with supper tonight. Hopefully......


Cows are my friends. :)

Well so are chickens but cows are easier to pet. Lol I am loving salad today and how do I make them? Let me count the ways. I am sure I could burn out really fast on salad so I am trying the meatless soy free meat substitutes to break the monotony. Good thing it was on sale today.

Since Vital eggs have less calories and cholesterol I do plan on two of those a day. Plenty of water and made my own salt free seasoning with a variety of spices I had already.

Finding non gmo is hard though. Shame on the government. As for my bg's it's to soon to tell the long term effect. I am sure over time it will work itself out.

It's not how long we live but how well we handle the journey.


Let the vegetarian life begin!

I feel better already knowing I am not responsible for a laying hen to live in a 12x12 inch cage so I can eat an egg. Buying pasture eggs cost more but it helps me swallow easier.

Now to get the protein without grains, beans or starch. Hey wait. Does starch have protein?? Study more and eat less. Lol I can't believe I ate 1000 calories today in vegetables. Musta been the olive oil and coconut oil. I did have 35 grms. of protein. Not enough. I need 9 more but still proud of myself thus far.


Low belly ache

Of and on I get this belly ache all the way to the pelvis and bloat. I am seeing all this under slow stomach emptying. I get it every few months and it's miserable to say the least. Trying less protein for supper and mushy veggies with a couple bottles of water. We shall see.


Carbs versus feet

Yesterday I ate under 10 carbs and also more fat. I actually had almost a pain free night and only woke up twice. Ankles feel tight today but not very painful. Dr. Jacoby says you can reduce the pain and I am hopeful now.

My fasting was 134 this mourning and has leveled out all day at 110 and for me that is great. My friend thinks I am taking it too far with such low carbs but she can walk and go to Zumba class among other things. I will just keep it to myself and maybe one day I can do Zumba myself. I am also hoping to get these last few pounds off as I am thick in the middle and Dr. Bernstein says this can cause high fasting bg's.

Where there is breath there is hope they say and I'm still breathin.'


So much pain

I remember when I had more good days than bad. Then more bad than good and now no good days. I read that when you stay strict to lc under 40 your nerves can regenerate some and be more painful than before so I am trying to embrace the pain and see it as a good thing. Some days I think back and wish I'd taken better care of myself soon but looking back never changes a thing.

The quality of my life sucks right now so I have to remember I still have feet and legs to feel pain in. Could be no hope at all and I do have some. Onward to another sleepless night despite sleeping pills and meditation. I am so hoping for a break in a few weeks.


"I complained about my shoes til I met a man with no feet."


MS or RA

That my dear me is the question. Multiple Sclerosis or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Had some blood tests. Waiting now. Meanwhile the pain is pretty bad, the fatigue is pretty badder and the brain fog is the baddest of all. I guess the neuropathy wanted company. Meanwhile I am pretty much to tired to care if I'm to tired.

Was quite embarrassing today though when I could not for the life of me understand why I could not find the Big Boys on the Frishes menu. Maybe it was because I was at LaRossa's. Oh and I had to ask twice for a Frishes fish sandwich.

Oh duh. Just sit on a box and laugh. Some train cars always come back empty down the clicking cracking track.


I could kill for a....

Bowl of ice cream. A brownie with nuts and icing. A house sized slice of chocolate fudge cake. A malt. A key lime pie...from Florida....on the beach....with a beer. Okay so no beer. Going on 12 years not eating this stuff and sugar free just does not cut it sometimes.

Unlike my late, beautiful brother, I do not want it enough to give up my legs and then my heart and then my life. Love and miss you my precious person. It was an honor.


Living the royal life

Well I went to the grocery. Barely made it back to the car since many ankles went completely stiff on me. Now I know why I gave up driving. Came home, put the stuff away, seared some beef, cut up a few veggies, dumped them in the slow cooker then put on my robe and now I am in bed. Of course we are having a balmy, warm winter day. In the 60's and back to snow next week.

I, however, am in bed like a royal. Needed a more royal ibuprofen but you do what you can. Time to read a book. Time for some JD and a Bud. Ain't that a hoot. Now that would kill what ails me for sure. Taking my leave as my fingers are stiff.

Kudos and blessings


The never-ending story

My feet, legs and knees and hands have been crushed for two weeks everyday all day. Add that to the arthritis in the ankles and hands it's no wonder I have extreme fatigue. Now today the bottom of my feet are on fire. I can barely walk these days.

I know I am getting depressed and the more fatigue and pain is sucking me down in a pit. I have a doc apt. next week so I know he is going to talk Lyrica again. I would rather take Zoloft again. Took it years ago before the back surgery and had no withdrawals when I stopped.

Oh well this is my life though I often wonder if it is a life. It's not a productive one that's for sure. Blah blah blah



Blue Cross seems to be okay for the medication part plus if I do a health survey and health coach goal thingy I get almost $200.00 on a wellness card to use toward medicine or medical doctors and purchases. Other than going to Meijer's and take advantage of their free medications including Metformin I can use it for co-pays or a heating pad LOL Now if they would just pay more on test strips life would be much calmer.


My BG's were 148 this morning when I got up. I did eat supper at 6 and had a dill pickle before bed. I know here soon it will be under 100 since I just ate breakfast a tad ago. I am no going to try exercise 2 hours before bed and one night I ate a can of Vienia (can't spell the dang word) sausages and the FB was 124 next morning. I may start trying that also.


Neuropathy in the foot still keeps it red and swollen but the legs seem not to be so painful as long as I don't cut my carbs under 30 so I am remaining at 40-50 even it my BG's are a tad higher. Sure miss wearing cutie shoes and sandals though and knee boots with a high heel on them. boohoo Going to try and be more active during the day though that often causes more pain later in the day. Pain is pain whether I do exercise or not so bring it on!


Until then peace on earth good will to men.


Just thinking and thinking some more

When I ate 20 carbs or less I peed every hour all night long, I stayed dehydrated no matter how much water I drank and my legs hurt all the time. I know I have been sleeping better lately and my feet and legs have hurt less and I have no problem with dehydration but..........here it comes..........I am now eating from 50-75 carbs a day. Yes my sugar is not as low staying around 115-120 during the day instead of 90-110. Planning on working in some type of exercise so I can continue with the higher carb count. 90% are good carbs but it's been the holidays so I have had a sneaky cookie and other such garbage food. All in all I feel better with more carbs. Starting exercise tomorrow. We will see how it goes in a week.

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